show #137: what second life means to us

show #137

it is rez day and reflection time = on february 20th drax turns 10 and jo turns 8. and the special guest who comes in mid show clocks in at 3 years of virtual age..what a n00b despite his influence. but we won’t reveal who he is, you gotta listen:

and some context for you ferocious readers out there:

monika jo getting marries
monika jo getting married
  • jo’s past and present and probably future:
jo over the years
  • drax when he first turned his physical person into his sl likeness:
the old facelift job and the new drax
  • ebbe goofing around with us while taping the show on skype:
ebbe and jo on drax skype - no love lost?.png
ebbe and jo on drax skype – no love lost?
skype taping with fran and her daughter barbie alchemi.png
skype taping with fran and her daughter barbie alchemi
  • drax was in istanbul doing nasty rearranging of books:
rearranging books in istanbul.png
rearranging books in istanbul

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

  • what second life means to me [the entire playlist curated by strawberry singh]
it all starts with a cube that michael linden gave me

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

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thumbnail by justin esparza

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Medhue says:

    WTH, Drax! I thought we had a deal that you’d mention me in every episode? I knew I should never trust a commy!

    Nice interview with Ebbe, but of course we always want more, especially on Sansar.

    Many of the changes that happened with Bento, are leading to ways of simplifying things for the users, while also giving the user many more options, and the creators many better ways to create content. At the Content Creators Group meetings(previously the Bento Group meetings) Vir Linden has been talking about mesh avatars being able to use all of the same clothing layers that the default avatar has. This will massively improve many of these mesh heads and body, because those mesh parts will no longer need to create their own layers system, which massively increases their rendering costs. If implemented, it makes every avatar like the default with body shapes sliders, and clothing layers. That vastly simplifies things for the end users.

    To Ebbe:
    Once some time has passed for more creators to make Bento avatars, and parts, I’d love to see LL do a decent size marketing campaign around the SL avatar, and what is possible. I think it would generate a ton of new users.

    1. Hamid Turettes says:

      I’ve heard LL bought fifty dollars in google ads to promote it.

      1. draxfiles says:

        i thought it was 99 L$?

  2. Jo Yardley says:

    See? I KNEW you’d spoil the surprise in the description!

  3. OMG Drax!! I am behind on listening to your podcasts and I only just listened to this one today. You used my audio from my What SL Means to me video…and first no less! I was surprised and it had me smiling all day. Thank you! 😀

    1. draxfiles says:

      so glad you participated in this series, i wish it would be ongoing still!!! we gotta revive it :)))

      1. I agree! We need more! That was so fun to do. 😀

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