show #134: michelle on sundance vr

show #134

as we go to air the sundance film festival is about to conclude with one more day of parties, films and yes: vr!

our guest today is a successful indie media maker/singer/gamer michelle osorio and she went there – as she has done for the past 15 years  – and she puts in her two cents on the state of vr for us today:

more detail on what we talked about:

  • our guest michelle osorio who is a fire-woman in high fidelity!

  • more news on oculus trial:

  • an overview of sundance vr 2017:

  • storytelling in vr = an elitist game?
  • rez infinite psvr trailer:
  • “my brother’s keeper” from pbs = is it vr or only 360?
  • flashback >>>> a young drax with a cardboard avatar talking vr at sundance 2008!
  • musical guest: nnoiz papp!

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  1. John says:

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    Listen to this week’s Drax Files Radio Show Hour:

  2. Medhue says:

    Ok, but Drax, I kind of already knew that. The fact that it is an afterthought is the part that bothers me. Don’t get me wrong here, LL, overall, has vastly improved as a company from my point of view, but this doesn’t mean they understand all aspects. The question I would ask, is how many animators are helping LL to create Sansar’s system. I’m obviously not in there, not that I have to be, or even want to spend my free time helping them for no pay at all. My point is that they need to bring in people that understand animation forward and back, and….. fricken pay them for their time. I do have some hope tho, as some of this did happen with Bento after it went public, and LL did consider deeply the issues we brought up.

    Oh, and whomever created SL’s animation, knew what they were doing. I just hope we get that same kind of understanding with Sansar.

    Onto VR…..

    IMHO, VR will be niche for a very long time. I predict there will be many areas where VR will take off, like in virtual training, and there might be some popular games, but few people will be able to spend any considerable time using it. VR might also be extremely popular in the realm of virtual workouts, similar to some of these dance games, as VR can be a very good workout. Heck, today, there are bike races and dualathons/biathlons that compete virtually now. Imagine just attaching a screen to a bike helmet, with a rider on a stationary riding system. Imagine pedaling your ass off and looking behind you to see all the other people chasing you down.

    For the average gamer tho, that just wants to relax and enjoy a game, VR is just not going to help much. I predict creative people will start to get crazy with different configurations of VR for the user. Like, imagine a kickbutt computer chair that has the VR headset built into, or attached to the chair. I see that working much better for the casual gamer. Imagine that chair with multiple devices on it to control things virtually, like foot pedals and such.

    Of course, I could go on forever, but I must get back to working on Bento stuff.

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