show #130: vr in germany [part3: sara]

show #130.png
show #130

today we talk to next gen vr enthusiast sara lisa vogl from vr nerds about staying in vr for 48 hours, making lucid dreams virtually a reality & bringing ca-style vr hubs to amsterdam, berlin and god knows where next…

that and jo and drax talk politics. what more/less do you want?


your weekly reading assignment:

lisa indoctrinating children on german tv
  • she once helped pal thorsten s. wiedemann to stay in vr for 48 hours….
vr base amsterdam from the outside in [pic by]
  • sara is part of the kaleidoscope vr devlab ! ! !
  • is vr democratizing creativity? sure: if you can afford a hmd 🙂
prims [pic stolen from jo]
  • vr in german advertising:
  • hifi is in early access on steam….

…and britbong stopped by to visit already [he may not come back to sl though]:

  • where is palmer?

  • harry shearer as trump AND obama:
  • our ending tune = zappa [ and don’t ask me why = it is obvious if you check the original lyrics!]

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