show #128: vr in germany [part2: mirek hancl]

show #128.png
show #128

dear listeners: as we are struggling to unplug from a world where trump is president-elect enjoy great food for thought from an inspiring educator who is not afraid of tech in the classroom:

read on now:

  • some good words from russell brand in regards to trump:
  • drax and arduenn debate a trump supporter in second life
teaching biochemistry in mexico with agument
  • we discuss the SAMR model by Dr. Ruben Puentedura
SAMR model in teaching
panopticism – a somewhat disturbing concept by michel foucault
  • linden lab ceo ebbe altberg shows sansar at web summit 2016 in lisbon:
ebbe shows sansar at web summit

  • high fidelity is in early access on steam [ the race is on ! ! ! ]


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