show #127: vr in germany [part1: cospaces]

show #127.png
show #127

yes there is a vr startup in good ol’ germany [maybe even more than one?] and we visited their hq in munich.


interesting to note that far away from silicon valley we find a ethos that is very reminiscent of the early second life promise…

[btw if this topic is not enough sl = at the very end of the show = you will find a very nice sl related audio surprise!]


read on now folks, read on:

  • more info on cospaces [and our guests susannse krause and thomas glaeser] and lots of places to play with on their website
  • educators should embrace cospaces vr = why? watch below [or read this]:
  • if you want to play around with their upcoming scripting api shoot them an email at
  • kaleo is live building in 360:
  • drax has refined the world = behold: “life in the burbs”:
my life in the vr burbs
  • in other news: our pal chris madsen is director of ar/vr at morph3d = find him in the ready room ! ! !

  • unity vr editor with a tvori like feature?

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ella Wellesley says:

    Each week we hear about the next new vr world. The word used so often, future! Thankfully we have SL.Something that works today! It continues to get better. Linden Lab could have saved themselves a lot of money. Forget Sansar, just push the SL of 2016. It will always be the number one. Now with extra prims, just gets better and better!

    1. draxfiles says:

      The world is made by its users: in that sense we agree with you 100% = the wonderful diversity of SL community makes it better every single day!

  2. Jason says:

    Not really sure about those prims. On my sim there is only about 20.000sqm rented with about 5000 LI and sim performance is down to 38-40 FPS.
    Also not sure about Ellas comment, SL is not getting better for me. I am using Linux, so LLs viewer does not work for me anymore (only Kokua does). Streaming music does not work as well, so I can’t go to parties. There is objects that randomly do not load because of interest list bugs and did you know that pathfinding stops working as well if you put out any objects with color changers, like candles or a christmas tree? The list goes on and on.
    So I think competition in the market of virtual worlds is a good thing. Keep reporting about new products and worlds, Drax. The winner of the platforms eventually should be an open source product though, because I would not like to depend on any corporation with my second life. I mean imagine we just had AOL and never used the Internet.

    1. draxfiles says:

      We appreciate the comment very much Jason! We embrace all listeners = even Linux users ;)p

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