show #123: the three stigmata of palmer luckey


yes we are back: i know you missed jo and drax and our guest this week [roblemvr].

what are we talking about except oc3 and google vr? well, perhaps the title is an indicator.

enjoy [and keep in mind = new show drops every saturday going forward]:

and below find interesting material that shall contextualize your audio experience:

  • our guest roblemvr [#5 influencer according to onalytica] with his excellent weekly vr wrap-up vr review:
  • inspiration for our fake book cover comes of course from the famous PKD novel “the three stigmata of palmer eldritch” where a evil entity is pulling wool over people’s eyes with a weird hallucinogenic vr type technology
  • our musical guest – jaynine scarborough with her excellent cd “thousand rooms” = you may know her as one of the stars of “login2life” documentary:
  • rob mentions ccospaces out of munich germany = great stuff and we will have those guys on the show very soon!
  • oculus connect #3 = new googles, social vr and 10 million for edu!
too nimble to care?
  • palmer’s mentor nonny on fb:
  • palmer at svvr 2014 [watch from 3:30 approx & understand “why it is morally imperative to build the metaverse]:
  • although palmer no-show at oc3 = twitter still abuzz with stuff…

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

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thumbnail by arduenn schwartzmann.

music by  jaynine scarborough

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22 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks for the mention, Drax. 🙂

  2. John says:

    Reblogged this on KULTIVATE MAGAZINE and commented:
    An all new Draxfiles Radio Hour is available!

  3. RoblemVR says:

    Thanks for having me on Drax, always a good time. And great edit by the way, I know how much work goes into it.

    1. draxfiles says:

      Thx for being on the show Rob, so great!!! Now listeners = go and support Rob via his store “Hardware”
      or his partner’s store Sn@tch

  4. cainmaven says:

    Much has been made of VR’s potential in education. We should be thankful to Mr. Luckey for vividly illustrating that more and better education is needed.

    1. Cain – you win the unofficial “Best Drax Files Comment of 2016” award 🙂

    2. Willow says:

      This is a GREAT comment! Sadly it emphasizes the growing stupidity and arrogance that the wealthy and privileged seem to feel is their right.

      With regard to spending the high entry price for Oculus Rift Mr. Luckey’s expressions have added another reason for not spending the money.

      1. Luckey succeeded…Trump won 😦 I am throwing up….

  5. Great episode! Thanks for the shout out to Illiastra, my little company.

    Since this episode was recorded, Linden Lab hinted that they’re going to ease-in support for taking panoramic and spherical videos– right into the viewer itself!

    As an aside, facial expressions in the Oculus presentation were pre-canned and trigger via button presses. However, I was still quite impressed by what they achieved as far as lip-synching the audio was concerned– reminded me very much of the wonderful emotion engine that was in

    1. RoblemVR says:

      Hey James! I didn’t know you were a veteran of, that was my go to world before I heard about SL 10 years ago. Small (virtual) world. 😉

  6. Medhue says:

    Really, I think you’re all a bit sexist. Men have issues too. I’m not an MRA, but as a man who has a son, and have coached many a sports teams, engaging with many youth men, I fear for their futures. There is quite a bit of man bashing in the world today, and especially in universities. Even with older men, who’s whole lives get destroyed by money grubbing ex wives and girl friends. Men are many times more likely to commit suicide. Men also work in way more dangerous jobs, and are many times more likely to die on the job. Heck, how many women do you see with missing fingers and such, when this is extremely common for men. The list of men’s issues are as equally as long as those for women, or any other as a whole. If any of you really think you are for equality, I think you are fooling yourself.

    1. draxfiles says:

      Medhue I respect you but this is getting a bit ridiculous 🙂 You are using an example of a gold-digger wife in a domestic issue as proof that we do not live in a [white] male dominated chauvinist society that exploits women economically and otherwise? Mmmmmmhhhhh…indeed: there are GOOD people and BAD people, this is in fact gender neutral! Has nothing to do with systemic issues though!

      1. Medhue says:

        I gave a few examples, yet you focused on 1, which I never said was proof of anything at all. My point was that men are human beings too, with our own problems that should not be completely and totally ignored. If you want to talk about systemic oppression, then I’m happy to highlight where you are wrong. The vast majority of social programs in most western governments are for women specifically, not men. That is sexism at it’s finest. In fact, there are little to no government programs specifically for men. It’s also a fact that in western culture, women control most of the money made within a household. So, to say that women are systemically exploited economically is complete BS.

      2. Medhue says:

        Allow me to correct myself. I meant exploited economically more than men. It could very easily be said that men, even when making more money, are still exploited economically by women, as men don’t actually get to spend that extra money on themselves.

      3. RoblemVR says:

        “men, even when making more money, are still exploited economically by women, as men don’t actually get to spend that extra money on themselves.” No offence but this is a “Medhue” problem not a man problem. Don’t get involved with golddiggers dude, and stand up for yourself. You’re not suffering from systemic oppression, just bad choices. Your example of missing fingers is just an odd justification for men making more money than women across the board. Men make make more money than women in office situations and a myriad of other fields where the missing finger factor is surprisingly low.

      4. Medhue says:

        I do love how you both seem to make assumptions on things that I never implied. It’s like you are both trying desperately to justify your positions, instead of actually trying to counter my arguments. Why would you assume that I would stay with a golddigger? That is non-sensical when I’m the 1 pointing it out. See, logic disputes your claim that women are paid less for the same work. If this was true, then any smart business man would simply hire all women and be able to make much more than their competitors. Plus, the stats you are trying to quote from don’t even make that claim. It is basically looking at the pay of all men, versus all women, not what jobs they actually do. You are the 1’s taking a leap in basic logic. There are many reasons for the wage gap, and it has little to nothing to do with discrimination. Overall, women, in general, have different priorities. Economists like Thomas Sowell have studied the subject exhaustibly, and he gives many reasons for overall income disparities.

      5. RoblemVR says:

        You are so all over the map it’s not worth the effort. Besides what are you so worried about Trump is going to make America great again. Woot!

      6. Medhue says:

        You’re just full of assumptions, aren’t you? As Drax knows, I’m a libertarian. I voted for Johnson, even tho I don’t consider him a true libertarian. Again tho, this shows your lack of understanding about the world around you, and why the left lost so decisively.

      7. RoblemVR says:

        I have zero assumptions about you Medhue, and less interest. You feel you have a firm grip on how the world works, good luck with that.

  7. Medhue says:

    I also think it is quite funny that you think the missing finger thing is quite low. See, I’ve lived just outside Detroit most of my life, where most men work in factories, not offices. Plus, add on all the men missing limbs from being in war, and I think it is quite obvious that you are out of touch with the common man, many of which do extremely dangerous work. That dangerous work comes at a cost, to employers and to the men that do that work. I, myself, have worked in factories most of my life, and likely worked with more death causing and limb removing machines than you, and most men in silicon valley, will ever use in your whole lives.

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