show #122: sl13b [and then we on vacation!]

show #122
show #122

[****news flash: jo and drax are on podcast vacation until 10/15 > please enjoy the archives & thx for your support***]


our last show before the summer break = we were LIVE celebrating 13 years of our wonderful, gigantic, mad, creative, frustrating, beautiful world…

great guests, great exhibits, still up for you to check out but first = listen and enjoy:

read some more if you like?

  • illiastra’s [aka jim reichert’s] hololens/sl experiments:
this is the oculus of her discontent
this is the oculus of her discontent
sl not vr according to a phd
sl not vr according to a phd
ferosh fashion weekend
ferosh fashion weekend

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

the show is supported by slartist, warbug, you know for kids,  zero-one heavy industries corporation, hextraordinary, ionic, maven homes, gizza creations, botanical, strawberry singh, abranimations, humanoid animations, aeros avatars, the cube republic, {what next}, dutchie furniture, landscapes unlimited, dwarfins, fallen gods incorporated, feroshSL and death row designs.

thumbnail by arduenn schwartzmann.

music by bd @ spotify_drax

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  1. John says:

    Reblogged this on Windlight Magazine and commented:
    Check out another Drax Files Radio Show Hour!

  2. Some follow-ups to the stuff I discussed on the show.

    The BattleTech Centers which featured “Tesla Pods” teleported you to either a Mechwarrior battle experience or the “Red Planet” where you’d race through the canals of mars with 7 other people.

    You’re going to totally geek-out when you read about ‘em.

    (Yes, I am old.)

    One of the neat things about the location-based entertainment centers was the fact that allowed the “virtual reality” to bleed out into the real-world surroundings. The centers were often decorated very, very thematically. The more you read about ‘em, the cooler these places clearly were. Before and after battles or races, guests could hang out in “ready rooms” and bar areas where they’d still remain immersed in the lore.

    Some of these locations ARE STILL RUNNING… folks continue to update the software.

    even became a Saturday morning cartoon

  3. Super Suz says:

    Just how long is this vacation? I hope the cruise ship didn’t sink.

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