show #117: project alice, ginsu + kent

show #117
show #117

a shorter show because you guys got a longer one last week.


but awesome “tape” from svvr 2016 = vr with haptics from noitom, ginsu yoon former linden with strong positive words on the future and vr philosopher kent bye offers even more insights than last time he was on the show.


more material to dive in below:

  • project alice from noitom really is darn cool [saying this for the last time!]
ginsu yoon from the linden days
ginsu yoon from the linden days
  • our other [frequent] guest: kent bye from voices of vr [SUPPORT IT!]
  • a somewhat strange video essay about the role of sex in second life:
loki will like this!
loki will like this!
  • #becauseOfSecondLife is still going strong!

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