show #100: one-hun-dred

show #100
show #100

we made it to show 100 just before the end of 2015 = special live to tape program with the folks from firestorm, talking about the gateway testing and their orientation experience

…of course a couple of special linden guests talking about the future of the sl avatar. fun fun fun at year’s end, enjoy!

and a few almost obligatory thingies to read up on:

  • panel shot = no audience shots avail [unless you dear listener have them?]

the whole holiday panel [pic by avariel falcon]
the whole holiday panel [pic by avariel falcon]
vir and oz linden [pic by avariel falcon]
vir and oz linden [pic by avariel falcon]

firestorm orientation island [pic by inara pey]
firestorm orientation island [pic by inara pey]
  • much more about the gateway program from our friends at designing worlds
  • madpea game is happening on the island so you won’t be LOST!
on firestorm n00b island ghost town game hud beckons [by madpea]
on firestorm n00b island ghost town game hud beckons [by madpea]
meet new friends in SL
meet new friends in SL via firestorm
firestorm signup page
firestorm signup page
egnog [by loki eliot]
egnog [by loki eliot]
5 companies and linden is one of them
5 companies that are doing well and linden is one of them

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

the show is supported by maven homes, gizza creations, botanical, strawberry singh, abranimations, aeros avatars, kahruvel design, giant snail races every saturday, avacon, the cube republic, fatewear by damien fate, the avazines publication family, {what next}, dutchie furniture, landscapes unlimited, dwarfins, the den, fallen gods incorporated, feroshSL and Death Row Designs.

music by jan zehrfeld this time around.

thumbnail by justin esparza [feat. arduenn schwartzmann, maker of the drax files baseball cap]

contact the show via skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles or email

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Wurfi says:

    Congratulations on the 100th show!

    You want an audience snapshot?
    Here it is:

  2. Great show. I was happy to be a part of the audience too. Thanks!

  3. Medhue says:

    Facial tracking nodes don’t move with rotations, but with translations. So, if you want an easy transfer of facial mocap data, or real time tracking, then your system needs to include bone translations.

    1. Willow says:

      Something that concerns me about facial tracking is because of a physical injury is I am very non standard and would really drive something like facial tracking completely crazy. For example if I wake up in the morning and am having a bad day my head move movements very erratic and trembling and not only couldn’t be tracked they also have nothing to do with facial expression. That is also something that concerns me with other of the VR tracking devices.

      Another concern is security particularly with something that uses the built in web cam. I don’t want someone stealing my likeness unknown to me. So I’ve taped a paper card over the lens of the built in camera of my computer.

      1. Thomas Galbreus says:

        Good point, I also hate built-in cameras, and more so built-in microphones, since a piece of tape can’t solve that problem.

      2. I think this will be optional. IMO it MUST be, otherwise the whole promise of agency over identity is worth nothing!

  4. happy to announce = my first part of my second life as “draxtoriusBIG” is on the YouTubezzz = streamed live from the FS orientation experience = – to be continued!

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