show #82: catching up

show #82
show #82

a new linden lab project and older [yet NOT expired] tape from svvr 2015 are on today’s drax files radio menu.

we do hope you enjoy words of wisdom from some bright minds [yes, we mean the guests, not us!]

and more to read on the matters discussed below:

remembering adele kling [pic by jo yardley]
remembering adele kling [pic by jo yardley]
the verge picks up ll press release = screenshot sans ads
the verge picks up ll press release = screenshot sans ads
fusion on virtual abandoned porn??? wth?
fusion on virtual abandoned porn??? wth?
  • nonny dela pena and her trayvon martin piece at svvr
nonny and partner at their booth
nonny and partner at their booth
  • hanna stoltenberg from d2 magazine in norway [no story yet published on nonny btw….we keep looking!]
  • matterport [we spoke to co-founder matt bell]
  • breakroom from murevr = the killer app?
breakroom = a break from vr inside vr?
breakroom = a break from vr inside vr?
lumiere noir sl/rl [pic by jj zifanwe from uwa]
lumiere noir sl/rl [pic by jj zifanwe from uwa]
  • more pics of lumiere [courtesy of justin esparza]

sweet-nothings naval-nuptials Lumiere-Noir-Memorial-081615-Tribute

Lumiere-Noir-Memorial-081615_003 Lumiere Noir Black Spy Yellow dancing-duo

waiting for cthulu since 08201890
waiting for cthulu since 08201890

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  1. John says:

    Reblogged this on Windlight Magazine and commented:
    New Draxfiles Radio Hour, #82:

  2. lokieliot says:

    The idea that VR is less manipulative than literature kinda ‘Erks’ me. We must not forget that the One Dark night IS NOT actually THE night that poor guy got shot. When you put on the headset you are experiencing a NEW experience, you are not experiencing the night the guy got shot. It’s a worry that VR might be used to convince people of things that happened in the past. I understand the benefits of VR to give people that emotional empathic connection to events and situations, but it’ll only take fox news to use it to screw with peoples perceptions the same way they do with literature and video media but with greater effect.

    1. draxfiles says:

      thx for bringing up this fabulous point! There is actually a lot to worry about with VR IMO = informing the masses may become easier & connect them emotionally to make them care about things but manipulating masses will become easier as well!!!

  3. Jo Yardley says:

    Reblogged this on Jo Yardley's Second Life and commented:

    We’re back on the air!

  4. Cain Maven says:

    I’m not convinced that VR journalism is inherently more neutral than other forms — reporters will always bring their bias to a story; story selection (what matters, what does not) is in itself an expression of bias.

    Perhaps the potential advantage is that users can choose how much time to dedicate to learning about an event — VR does not necessarily limit you to a word count or the 30 seconds that are left before the commercial break.

    On a related note, studies have shown that people who hold provably false beliefs are in many cases likely to become even more entrenched in their insistence on these falsehoods when presented with clear and irrefutable facts to the contrary. Maybe — maybe — an immersive VR-based experience could help sway these people, simply because they are able to explore the issues in greater depth and at their own pace.

    Just a thought 🙂

    1. draxfiles says:

      Great thoughts Cain. You are talking about confirmation bias. Let’s be hopeful that with this new medium helps with the discourse rather than hurt it….ultimately it is up to us humans to use tech for good or bad…unfortunately the track record of the human race is not terribly stellar in that regard…

  5. Pauline Clary says:

    Hi Drax,

    I tried some C# scripting with the Unity game development platform myself very recently. With Unity it’s quite fun and not too big of a leap from what you know from SL (because the vast majority of C# tutorials out there are not gaming related!)

    This one should get you going:

    Maybe you want to get the free Visual Studio Community Edition as well:

    Have fun!

    1. Pauline thx so much for the great advice!! Maybe even I can learn this! I BELIEVE IN MYSELF [my new mantra in the morning…]

  6. Very lovely tribute to lumiere noir at the end there, Drax! My home since 2003 has been on the neighboring ‘legacy’ sim Clementina. I have always appreciated the Ivory Tower, with it’s wonderful tutorials, being close by. Many thanks to Avi Arrow for maintaining it too!

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