show #81: sansar anxiety

show #81
show #81

season 3 of the podcast is here and the next generation virtual world linden lab is building [working title “project sansar”] may or may not cause anxiety in second life users.

our panel discusses emotions and speculates about the future of the metaverse.


meshy rhododendron by cube
meshy rhododendron by cube
qz screenshot
qz screenshot
chaos and partner make sl web compatible
chaos and partner make sl web compatible
josh on a beam telepresence robot at awe2015
josh on a beam telepresence robot at awe2015
  • upload vr talk with ebbe altberg about sansar:
ebbe's new av [pic from re:code article]
ebbe’s new av [pic from re:code article]
vr scifi and fact
vr scifi and fact
white dude floating in orange county
white dude floating in orange county
  • but where is immersive drax?
adele kling
adele kling
windlight magazine gallery
windlight magazine gallery
madpea art gacha
madpea art gacha
  • new drax files world makers video profiles tom boellstorff

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

the show is supported by sl goth magazine, fatewear by damien fate, strawberry singh, gizza creations, feroshSL, bright canopy, dwarfins, dutchie, KONA stream, aeros avatars, maven homes, madpea productions, botgirl’s identity circus, ison, kahruvel design, the den, cube republic, humanoid animations, loki eliot, botanical, death row designs, fallen gods incorporated, {what’s next}, abranimations, avacon and landscapes unlimited!

music by bd.

thumbnail by justin esparza.

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  1. John says:

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    New Drax Files radio hour mentions Windlight Art Gallery and more, check it out:

  2. Becky says:

    Reblogged this on Canary Beck and commented:
    I’m grateful to Draxtor Despres for inviting me to participate as a panelist for the first episode of Season 3 of the DraxFiles Radio Hour [with Jo Yardley]. I was joined on the podcast by Bill Glover, Founder of Bright Canopy (the browser-based Second Life viewer) and Josh Farka, Founder of Guided Meditation VR, a virtual-reality relaxation application designed for the Oculus Rift. As a final bonus, there’s a cool little interview at the end of the show with Siddean Munro, creator of SLink.

    I really enjoyed taking part in this lively conversation with people who gave so many great insights with regards to Second Life, Project Sansar, and the future of VR experiences. Enjoy!

  3. Medhue says:

    Maybe the title got me a bit too excited, but I was a little underwhelmed by the Sansar discussion. About the only things new here, was the vague template discussion. For me, I don’t understand why we aren’t hearing more about how things are going to work in Sansar. Like, how is vegetation going to be handled? Plus, I have yet to see an actual screenshot.

    Just to stay consistent, I have to harp again on the choice of Maya only in the Sansar Alpha. Yardley says it is because LL uses Maya. So, you mean to tell me that in the whole company, there is not 1 person that knows how to use Blender? Does LL realize that Blender has hundreds of thousands more users than Maya, yet LL doesn’t employ any of them. That just seems ridiculous. Especially since, Blender in many 3D artist’s minds, is many times better than Maya. SL is a good example of the overall 3D artist world, and Maya users are completely dwarfed by Blender users. And ….. outside of some small differences is how rigs work, the resulting FBX files are almost exactly the same. LL doesn’t need to do any more work to allow Blender users to create in Sansar. There choice of only letting Maya users in is completely arbitrary.

  4. This was a good panel and although, I still feel some hesitancy about the future of sl, I don’t feel nearly as SAD.

  5. Jo Yardley says:

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    We’re back!

  6. lokieliot says:

    I enjoyed the many different views from the panel.I think the thing i liked most was how the panels ideas about Sansar kinda formed an intriguing picture of what might be. Of course it’s all guess work at this point.

    The idea that Sansar will be a bunch of single experiences you log into from a master Avatar Account rather than a large connected mainland is interesting. Other than my Islands neighbour whippersnapper, i rarely go from one region across to the other unless an estate has formed to accommodate the large size. I usually just teleport to places directly, perhaps really this isn’t much different.

    Regards to inward building tools. Even though i create mesh objects in Blender i still find a fare amount of in world editing, scripting and even using old prims. Perhaps the way we look at prims as the ‘proper way to build in SL’ is a conservative one. Prims are after all just mesh objects created decades ago by Linden Lab. They are basically in a sense template basic shapes, which brings me to the next topic.

    Second Life is packed full of templates. Builder kits on Marketplace, Scripts examples on forums, Island shape choices for private regions, Premium houses. So the template thing is not such an alien concept for Second Life Users. Done right templates can be very empowering to a user.

    As i learn more about Sansar I’m starting to get the feeling it won’t be at all like Second Life in terms of how we view it. Is it possible Linden Lab look at the way we use SL in a way different to how we imagine we use Second Life? And that Sansar is the result of distilling how we actually use SL?

  7. It seems as though Sansar is to Second Life as The Blaxxun Worlds network (aka The Outers) was to Cybertown: The former was a network offering access to privately hosted vrml-based shared event environments. These did not require logins, just the URL of the world’s entry point. Am I close?

  8. Argo Nurmi says:

    Holodoc. I’ve seen this idea – that Sansar will NOT be a VW as we know it but a collection of disjoint spaces – creeping through in several posts around the SL blogosphere. There is the danger that all those various posts are reacting to the same bit of misinformation, but perhaps not. Suppose it is not, then are we to be walled off in our own private gardens? In 2006 I came in world to discover a wonderful and magical space called SL. Back then all concepts were new to me, the graphics, the emersion, 3D building. But it was the population that kept me there. I met many avi, some continued as friends and over time we may reveal bits more about our RL selves. So, I was able to break, the class and cultural bubble we all live in and meet people in different social, familial and economic situation than myself. I also met up with and could interact (safely) with talented artists, architects and philosophers, shop owners, jilted lovers, layabouts, thieves, occasional psychotics and more. There was the local scourge, the anarchist groups, attempting hard Zen, using irony and an SL version of dada to shock us out of our complacency (remember the PN?). So, it was a creative ball of confusion (apologies to the Temptations). This was no doubt a nightmare for LL to manage but this messiness may be the essence of creative vitality. Many years ago one avi lamented if LL wanted to create an SL orchestra to play Haydn, the best they might do is leave a bunch of musical instruments around Brampton and see what happens.

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