show 80: minecraft [rerun]

show #80
show #80

a great conversation with teacher mirek hancl who uses minecraft in the classroom. that success could have belonged to sl we think, but why is mc so successful in edu circles? enjoy this last rerun before season 3 hits the aggregators:

mirek hancl teaches minecraft [he appears in “virtualize it!” from spiegel tv]

mirek on minecraft
mirek on minecraft

binnen differenzierung aka “differentiated instruction” anyone?

– mirek was at “science on stage” in london this past june [his trailer for that is HERE & the festival’s flickr stream is HERE]

minecraft edu version [as used by barry joseph at american museum of natural history]

barry joseph on drax files episode #5 on mc vs sl [when teen sl was still around]

– if you are on twitter [no need to be in europe btw!] join us for a fun game of #torleyspotting

… and if you have too much time on your hands, please participate in the joint memery of #immersiveDrax and #wheresPalmer if you please?

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music by bd.

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  1. draxfiles says:

    addendum as mentioned = article on – like I said: regrettable that my full point was missed: bad decisions by corporate folks lead to a backlash and blaming the platform rather than dumb ideas hatched in unimaginative marketing departments/heads…

    1. draxfiles says:

      and another article came out we did not mention, which is fairly positive/accurate about SL – and that from the infamous moviepilot site no less

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