show 79: harry potter in sl vr [rerun]

show 79
show 79

last rerun before season 3 hits the drax files radio hour & jo yardley will be back.

today a conversation with about mischief managed, a harry potter roleplaying operation in second life.


– our new sponsors from avazines – they also have  brightmetallic and toxic candy in their portfolio


– our featured guests corwin lacourte and nashari hynes from mischief managed roleplay

a unicorn in potterlandia [pic by avariel falcon]
a unicorn in potterlandia [pic by avariel falcon]
– you can play quidditch there:

– they have card games:

– drax changed clothes just for research…

mischief managed drax getting into the game

– the main castle made by anya ohmai:

the castle [of mesh]

– don’t forget to send us your origin stories [how did you get started in second life?]

i came and stayed
i came and stayed

– don’t forget to write us with your project sansar anxiety comments for the first show of season 3.

variety on ll and vr [bandwagon? seriously?]
variety on ll and vr [bandwagon? seriously?]
even the german press is feeding sansar anxiety….

mmorpg punkt d e
mmorpg punkt d e

– and this just in: linden lab launches paeloworld = in-house created experience: not bad at all!

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

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music by bd.

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  1. I do have some severe Sansar Anxiety at times: I really would love to see a persistent universe that is interconnected. What I hear in the media at this point is that it is probably possible to connect experiences but it is only optional and not a default. I tend to imagine this new world a bit like Unity3D almost….just from the blog posts I read so far….please discuss on next show yes? I would love to hear what the panel thinks! Who is on the panel anyway?

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