show #73: always in season [rerun]

show #73
show #73

the fabulous jackie olive joins us for this evergreen interview, director of “always in season”, a documentary about the history of lynching in the united states. what does this have to do with second life or virtual reality you ask? well, if vr is indeed an “empathy machine” [as nonny dela pena puts it] we may be able to actually change things in the present due to growing via immersive media.

jackie is committed to creating a sl/vr component to the film, building on the prototype we had made at bavc back in 2010. will it work? or are these just all convoluted, invalid and illogical arguments for using game mechanics to teach history?

you be the judge! here is the show:

and now please give to jackie’s indiegogo campaign if you please?

behind the scenes of the making of the sl concept for “always in season” from 2010:

and = the latest in drax files videos [and in fact the last one before summer break!]:

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music by bd.

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