show #72: talkin’ bout virtual money with chris [rerun]

show #72

while drax is digesting his experiences at augmented world expo and jo enjoys the 6th anniversary of 1920’s berlin, let’s listen to christopher colosi [formerly of linden lab under the colossus name] explain his take on virtual currency world domination via his new startup gloebit:

this interview first aired on show #40, good discussion going on in the comments there.

and chris has blogged [finally] on the gloebit website here about currency terminology.

below chris’ talk at svvr:

more on the awe debrief [including tape from zeiss vrone and of course castar] coming over the next weeks. svvr ain’t forgotten either = 3 hours of interviews are in the editing cue….

drax enjoys castAR
drax enjoys castAR but feeds listeners reruns…

..and if you can’t wait check in on the AWE youtube channel for updates on videos from the conference.

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