show #70: all about vw therapy [rerun]

show #70
show #70

our guest [licensed marriage and family therapist]tammy fletcher aka avalon birke in sl dispels some myths about providing counseling services in virtual worlds.


we hope you enjoyed the show, more on tammy’s rl operation is here.

wellness island way back when..
wellness island way back when..

while drax files radio is on summer mode – make sure to read the relevant blogs linked here to keep you appraised in the worlds of sl and vr.

next week = more interviews from svvr2015!

[congrats to kris spade for winning a leap motion]

and don’t forget to say hi to me at augmented world expo

battle of the ceos
battle of the ceos

& check out google’s jump announcement

go pro array - i want!
go pro array – i want!

+ read tony parisi’s piece “a growing rift”!!!

below: metaio [bought by apple] in use in berlin:

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  1. I enjoyed this interview when it first aired and it’s great to hear it again. Thanks Drax! Hope you and Jo have a great summer. Ü

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