show #67: reporting on sl & getting it right!

show #67
show #67

stories about sl seem to be getting more in depth and nuanced – is the pendulum swinging back towards positive articles after the many-year-long hype backlash?

do journalists [again] realize there is more to our world than playing barbie and ken? check out how our guest cecilia d’anastasio got her piece “avatar irl” about a transgender resident to be so utterly enjoyable:

and just a very few news items to link this week:

oculus rift consumer version coming q1 2016….

oculus rift - you gonna look like batman [pic courtesy oculus vr]
oculus rift – you gonna look like batman [pic courtesy oculus vr]
our guest cecilia d’anastasio

drax and cecilia role-play online journalism practices
drax and cecilia role-play online journalism practices

– tom boellstorff [who cecilia spoke to] about anthropology in sl on an earlier show…

…and nick yee on show #8 on identity in mmos and vws

vr expo is coming sooner than you think!

“virtualize it” by phil thoma for spiegel tv streaming now!

virtualize your dance moves!
virtualize your dance moves!

– vote for terrylynn melody on artist signal!

terrylynn in rl
terrylynn in rl

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  1. draxfiles says:

    and Inara on yet another well-written SL-exploration, from Eric Grundhauser over at Altas Obscura =

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