show #63: sl go = sl gone…

show #63
show #63

the amazing cloud streaming tech developed by onlive is now part of the sony family and today for the hour we have former senior product manager at onlive, dennis harper [also known as game geezer in sl], on what happened and what might happen:

[aside: we debated to name this show “it’s dead jim” because we all know – humor is the best remedy for utter sadness]

below = read on:

– daniel voyager: “a brief history of sl go”

– in 2012: sony buys gaikai

drax overkill on sl go island
drax commercial overkill on sl go island

gary lauder says the future of cloud gaming is bright!

dennis drinks on an empty island
dennis drinks on an empty island

– another aside: sony kills its own vw? well……

– is amazon the rescue for sl streaming?

– dennis’ fusion band “expresso” on spotify

dennis and the rig [no it is not in sl, it is first life!!!]
dennis and the rig [no it is not in sl, it is first life!!!]
– virgil donati plays the baked potato on my birthday [yeah random, but whatever!]

– not enough drax? then watch designing worlds!

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music by expresso.

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  1. SL GO was a great service that helped a number of people get on SL and enjoy it again with amazing graphics and all. A big loss to the community. I do hope Linden Lab thinks about doing something to fill the void that this has left for many residents. A big thank you to Dennis and the whole OnLive team for providing SL GO to us the past year. Thanks for the great interview and for explaining why and how everything happened. And I’m happy to see that Dennis is now as crazy about SL as the rest of us are! ❤

  2. Shae Sixpence says:

    A huge thanks to Dennis, Robby and Jeff for all of their support in world and the entire OnLive crew for believing in Second Life and for showing that it can be done. It was a great, fun filled and absolutely beautiful year in Second Life. I sincerely hope that Linden Labs has taken copious notes concerning how drastic of a change SL GO had on the communities experience.

  3. Dennis says:

    Oh, man… listening to this made me cry. Especially when the Expresso music came on (that’s another story). I greatly will miss all the interaction between all the great friends and helpers (like Shae). The biggest thing I learned about Second Life is that it is full of super nice people who only want to help. You are all so cool!

    I sincerely hope that someone, somewhere can pick up the SL Go torch. There is a great need in the community for this. And if it happens, I hope I can be a part of it.

    1. Well, the good thing is that the SL community has won over a n00b & made him into an enthusiast! Linden Lab, see? Retention increase is not magic hihihi 🙂

  4. Medhue says:

    I think Dennis is dead right about creators in SL using SL GO. Heck, I even got rid of my smart phone, cause I don’t use it. I work from home on 2 beasts of computers. I have no use for a smart phone or even a tablet, other than testing things on them. I even have a remote control for my computer. Tho, I do think others that have lives that are more hectic or always on the go, need something like SL GO. There is obviously a market for it.

    Drax! I watched the Designing Worlds interview. Great interview! I just want to throw out some options for your workflow. I used to use Fraps, but now I use Nvidia’s ShadowPlay. If you have an Nvidia graphics card above gtx650, then you can use ShadowPlay to record with. It was created for people who stream or record their game play. So, it is designed not to affect your frame rate in the game. This is perfect for what you do. I used Fraps too, and as good as it is, you still take a big hit on frame rates. Plus, you need your settings in SL all the way up, so even the best computers are still going to take a hit. With ShadowPlay, 60fps is not a problem. You need to install the Nvidia Geforce Experience to have access to ShadowPlay.

    The problem I have with Shadowplay, is that it doesn’t record in a format that Sony Vegas Studios likes, so I have to convert it using Blender. That is the other option I want to mention. Blender, as a video converter, is probably the best out there. You can convert almost anything to any other format, at any bitrate or audio format. For you, I would think these 2 options of Shadowplay, and Blender, could make your workflow easier, and better quality.

  5. Cain Maven says:

    Great interview! What I’d be curious to learn more about is to what extent Sony’s ownership of the OnLive IP will make it difficult for anyone else to create a similar service?

  6. The ending of the show is like the 21st version of the banter at the beginnings of “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” TV Show from the 60’s.

  7. oops, make that the early 1970’s.

  8. *21st Century version

  9. What the heck is Dennis doing to them poor unicorns????

  10. Ciaran Laval says:

    @Cain Maven, other similar services exist, I’m not sure exactly which patents Sony purchased but cloud streaming of apps will be available with other services such as Amazon App Stream and NVIDIA Grid looks interesting too. There are others.

    Great interview with Dennis and I welcome how open he was about everything, really refreshing and extremely interesting.

    1. Cain Maven says:

      Sure — I guess what I’m wondering is exactly what IP Sony now owns. Many US patents tend to be overbroad, so I just hope that this will not inhibit others who wish to enter the space.

      1. Ciaran Laval says:

        Agreed, there has to have been something worthwhile for Sony but I’m not sure exactly what it was.

        In my day job we’re planning a rollout of virtual desktop infrastructure using VMWare, it’s not gaming or virtual worlds, but it is similar technology, Sony most definitely do not have a monopoly here at all.

  11. DevinVaughn says:

    Thank you for the excellent news coverage and answering all those burning questions I had.

  12. SLGo was an amazing tool, but I think for a lot of people, the pay wall was a big deterrent. Sadly from my experience there’s a big stigma against subscription based services by middle to lower class people, specially for technology services. One viable option for now would be to use Chrome Remote Desktop. Of course you’d have to have a computer somewhere running. CRD is completely free and works over any connection and has iOS and Android apps. I will see about getting some viewer mod friends to make a CRD compatible viewer or at least I implore those out there to make one that would work with Remote Desktop software.

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