show #62: roleplay all the way

show #62
show #62

[***breaking: sl go is no more since sony purchased onlive on april 2nd & discontinued all streaming services the company provided. we address it in the show at the end & have former onlive insiders give more context next week***]

harry potter inspired role-play: if that is your cup of tea, the ONLY place to do it is of course second life. why? because you can create your own story, period! so enjoy the passion of two administrators from the fabulous mischief managed in sl:

more information about what we discussed on the show below:

– my cruel april fool’s joke:

april 1st it was on fb
april 1st it was on fb

– loki eliot’s retro arcade table [her made for the xiasumi school festival], drax files style – you know how to get one [limit is 10!!!!!]

special retro arcade time with drax and dave
special retro arcade time with drax and dave

– a good article on sl in a magazine with the name good? well, that is good:

sl11b with drax jo and flufee [and loz and max and sky]
sl11b with drax jo and flufee [and loz and max and sky]
and another one that mentions jo & some positive numbers:”sl was 13 years too early…”

– william gibson says “they did it!”

gibson in cyberspace [pic from gizmodo]
gibson in cyberspace [pic from gizmodo]
… in 2007 he was not quite as enthusiastic about virtuality:

high fidelity goes open alpha

upcoming hifi marketplace
upcoming hifi marketplace

new sl landing pages: fabulous!

sl landing fashion
sl landing fashion

new premium perks for sl – what do you think?

– our musical guest tamra hayden aka tamra sands [she sings broadway friday 4/03 at terra lascivus]

tamra hayden in rl
tamra hayden in rl

– our featured guests corwin lacourte and nashari hynes from mischief managed roleplay

– quidditch:

– card games:

– drax changed clothes just for research

mischief managed drax getting into the game
mischief managed drax getting into the game
on my way to hogwarts
on my way to hogwarts

– the main castle made by anya ohmai

the castle [of mesh]
the castle [of mesh]
– drax files episode 28 featuring whiskey monday:

and with a lot of sadness do we see sl go be gone….

sl go island - should i ring the bell?
sl go island – should i ring the bell?

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

the show is supported by leap motion, sl go [by onlive], stitcher, fatewear by damien fate, gizza creations, aeros avatars, maven homes, madpea productions, botgirl’s identity circus, ison, kahruvel design, vika creations, humanoid animations, loki eliot, botanical, death row designs, angel red cotoure, fallen gods incorporated, {what’s next}, abranimations, blue moon enterprises, avacon and landscapes unlimited!

music by tamra hayden.

contact the show via skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles or email

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  1. Medhue says:

    Well, I haven’t gotten too many IMs lately while offline, but I’m not really sure, cause recently I haven’t been getting those IMs sent to my email. I have no idea why. It makes me wonder, if the work done to make the new feature possible broke something in the email delivery. Whatever tho. Typical SL improvement. Break 2 things to be 1 new feature. lol

    As far as High Fidelity, it’s interesting. Moving around is not enjoyable, and you can easily lose your avatar. They really should have got that working better, with animations, before they invited people in. My biggest gripe tho, is how FBX files are imported. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO CONTENT CREATORS!!! Your FBX file must sit on a webpage to allow HF to import it. Although, it’s not really importing the FBX, just referencing it from the webpage. The problem is, that ANYONE, can get that FBX from your webpage. So, it is not safe for content creators that are looking to profit off their content, because anyone can get it for free from the webpage. Until they change this, I’ll not be doing any further testing on HF. Being that content safety is a HUGE issue for most content creators, it’s mindboggling why they set it up this way. Yeah, I understand they don’t want to hold everyone’s content on their servers, but how many creators are going to have their own system to deliver content in this way?

  2. bonesy says:

    wtf breaking news?!! ARR

  3. Shae Sixpence says:

    Hello Drax and Jo,

    To clear up some confusion I have seen within the community: The release states that Sony acquired “certain parts” of OnLive. Not OnLive it’s self. Sony purchased the patents for the technology that all of OnLive’s services were based on. Nothing more, simply the piece of paper that says “You own the right to this specific technology.” So while the investor who owns everything else that is OnLive still has the code, hardware and servers… Sony is now the owner of the patents that at the heart of the situation makes their code work.

    Unfortunately, this means that anyone or any company that attempts to run a cloud based streaming service, whether it be for gaming or other uses will have to answer to Sony’s legal department.

    I’ve had a chance to grow close to some of the OnLive employees during their time with us in Second Life, as the two of you have. I am of course saddened by the loss of something that helped me enjoy Second Life greatly but even more saddened that they have lost their jobs. What is worse is that over the years many developers and others have had a hand in creating this technology. As a virtual world filled with artists I think it will be pretty easy for us to understand how devastated and defeated they must feel to have for all intensive purposes “their art” placed inside a box, never to see the light of day again.

    I wish them all the best in their future and will miss them greatly.

  4. I posted on Twitter and my SL profile feed. Where is my arcade table????

    1. draxfiles says:

      Arcade table incoming Fluffman!!! Thx for listening…..

  5. re. premium benefits. I have said before and I will say again; Increase the land allotment to 1024 sqM! The mainland is half empty, there is plenty of room.
    So far the additional benefits have been such baby steps as to be unnoticeable.

  6. draxfiles says:

    Clarification = the Quidditch video shown above is the OLD game that Corwin mentioned, the one that is at Mischief Managed now is far more sophisticated. I hope to carve out time to stream some practice on my channel soon!

  7. Medhue says:

    I don’t blame you guys for pushing the service, but it’s a pretty crappy move what just happened with OnLive. Not that I got that service, cause I run 2 gaming PCs, but it really makes me weary to every invest in any of these ventures. Imagine if you got totally invested in Onlive and now can’t play any of the games you purchased at all. It’s like a slap in their supporters faces. Plus, I don’t understand why all these companies sell out. When they do sell out, they aren’t usually hurting for money. People were freely throwing money and their free time at these companies. I guess that is the game now in Silicon Valley. Don’t actually build a real business, just act like you want to, rally your supporters for the hype, and sellout to the highest bidder. Hey Sony, look at us! How much?

  8. Kurt says:

    Great, I just became an affilitate of SLGo. Took me two hours to add their ads to my homepage and my sim. I even made custom textures. Now they are closed, just because some big multinational corporation needs some of their patents to either sue their competitors or to avoid being sued themself. I wonder if that creates any value for the customer or the people at all. I also wonder why anyone would get invested in cloud services at all, since they could close any day for the same reason without advance notice, even Second Life. The best strategy for us would probably be to have a presense in as many virtual worlds as possible, preferrably open source product. I will definately spend my easter weekend figuring out High Fidelity.

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