show #61: ranting with niran

show #61
show #61

everyone can create an sl viewer and niran actually did it: a young self-taught german furry and tinkerer sprung into action indeed.

so behold, because today: the man behind black dragon!

want to read? below please:

ready player one to be directed by steven spielberg

Aech's Chatroom in SL [pic by Austin Tate]
Aech’s Chatroom in SL [pic by Austin Tate]
– but when checked today = no more ready player one reference in sl….

aech's chat room in sl is no more
aech’s chat room in sl is no more

360-degree videos on youtube

facebook is going the same route [and beyond?]

what if sl go would be a premium feature? [sl go pro???]

sl official and sl fs go
sl official and sl fs go

– fun at the magic leap office:

age of starlight coming this summer [perhaps magic leap premiere?]

ciaran laval on improbable

another ex-linden at the competition
another ex-linden at the competition [improbable in this case]
– my high fidelity world is up & running:

high fidelity servers online
high fidelity servers online

– our musical guest lydia yalin

lydia yalin singing in 1920s berlin
lydia yalin singing in 1920s berlin

more on helen kane

lydia yalin singing in 1920s berlin with audience
lydia yalin singing in 1920s berlin with audience

our guest niran & his blog

– whiskey monday coming on MONDAY

TDF 28 4 white against 1 black
TDF 28 5 white against 1 black

linden lab meets residents for sl field trip at meauxle bureaux

meauxle bureaux full with people
meauxle bureaux full with people
meauxle bureaux full with people2
meauxle bureaux full with people2

– positive sl coverage? yes: from the british version of wired

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music by bd.

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  1. Inara Pey says:

    While the Magic Leap video has been post-processed by Weta Workshop, who, incidentally, were one of the original investors of the tech through Richard Taylor, during the original $50 million funding round which may have caught Google’s eye and encouraged them to invest in the 2nd round (along with others such as Legendary Pictures) ….

    …. Here’s an example of what already could be achieved in terms of AR overlays (albeit using mobile phones rather than a headset) by a company Oculus VR acquired at the end of 2014:

    ML’s headset as well, looks like it may well be a lightweight system, if the patents filed by the guys now developing for them are anything to go by – see here:,+Inc.%22&ei=Xf9cVM3NKof4igLUjYDgDA

    I covered some of this last year, following the lead of Tom Simonite of MIT Technology Review (see: and Sean Hollister of Gizmodo (see:

    My piece (if I might toot my own horn with a link: also covers news that the first film featuring Magic Leap technology should be debuting here in the UK this coming July (which I do know you’ve previously mentioned in passing 🙂 ). This is more documentary style than movie action / adventure, but should still be interesting, if it holds up to the initial promise.

    1. draxfiles says:

      thx Inara, very interesting that Rescape video, we had not seen it! Join us on the show sometime and you can toot your own horn LIVE to tape hihihi 🙂 = we did mention “Age of Starlight” today & the post has a link. Excited to see if Magic Leap can hold up to the [self produced mainly] hype!!!

  2. Great interview with Niran. His viewer has come a long way… I checked it out again about a month ago and was so impressed I’ve switched it for all my second life images.

    1. Kween KleoKatra says:

      Love this viewer!
      The Best!

  3. Jo Yardley says:

    Reblogged this on Jo Yardley's Second Life and commented:

    New Drax Files Radio Hour episode!

  4. Ciaran Laval says:

    Jo must be a fan of Sauron or Saruman! I’ll give her boring!

    I’ve long argued that premium membership should have options, such as mobile phone packages have.

    So don’t go SL Go premium for all, trade it for a Linden Home, 512 tier or the stipend, give people the choice of a premium package that meets their needs.

    1. SL free, SL premium and THEN = SL GO PRO ! ! !

  5. Kurt says:

    I think in the new SL2 they should require Premium for owning land or selling on marketplace. I wouldn’t mind paying 10 USD per month for that. How about a SL Silver, Gold and Platinum membership. The most expensive would include SL Go and maybe access to beta tests for new features. That way land could be cheaper.

    1. Kween KleoKatra says:

      Good Arguments. Great ideas for modulating land costs. Although Ebbe insisted it will NOT be SL2 :/

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