show #56: marketing sl

show #56
show #56

on the show today: canary beck is telling us how second life should be marketed and she has such good points. result? we had to go way over the hour alloted to the program…..well, that and drax’ 8th rez day is happening.


now educate yourself further via them links below:

immersis projector lets you make your own vr cave at home

– surprise surprise: ll is still working on sl

– sl is in the news because oblee [from drax files world makers episode 25] made it into the durango herald!

sl featured in old printed media
sl featured in old printed media

– hilarious vr hype from the early 90ties:

sl go on the ipad/android tablet can has flash media now!

using sl go on ipad to watch sl avatar watching rl self playing sl go on ipad
using sl go on ipad to watch sl avatar watching rl self playing sl go on ipad

– mattel and google are updating the viewmaster

look what nylon pinkney ripped off in sl
look what nylon pinkney ripped off in sl: is this the viewmaster?

– musical interlude by paul jannicola who is in THIS video [find him!!] and who made [with the ill clan] THIS video

our guest canary beck

– becky has a robot named paul on her sim basilique:

drax files and paul the robot talk podcasts
drax files and paul the robot talk podcasts

– becky recommends you check out & “the artist’s way”

– and also via becky” the 90-9-1 rule as it applies to online communities

are we content with 90 percent lurkers that can't play guitar or build?
are we content with 90 percent lurkers that can’t play guitar or build?

– drax’ rez day party

tis the day i rezzed
tis the day i rezzed

draxtor relaxtor [and busy too already in 2007!!!]
draxtor relaxtor [and busy too already in 2007!!!]
scifi convention is starting in sl today!

scifi convention on the login screen
scifi convention on the login screen

– in case you have the time and want to watch very old and mediocre machinimas by yours truly, check out the playlist below:

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

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music by paul jannicola.

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  1. lokieliot says:

    One of the biggest fun events of the year is watching the eurovision song contest in SL with my friends who are from all the different countries laughing at each others countries entries. Unfortunately for mac users streaming flash video is broke and has been for a few years now 😦 so it’s not quite as amazing as it should be.

    1. Jerry says:

      No Flash on 64 bit Linux as well:( Actually there is no music or streaming media at all. I hope LL offers a 64 viewer one day.

  2. lokieliot says:

    i totally agree with Beck’s views on gamification and human natures need for achievements. Wether Drax agrees or not, it’s what happens. 😛

  3. lokieliot says:

    OOH OOOH, the discussion about gamifying the new user experience reminded me a bit of a Raph Koster talk at Wikmania, he discusses how Wikipedias users and contributors are gaming it and how bad gasification can result in negative use

    1. draxfiles says:

      I LOVE your Freudian typo “gasification” instead of gamification hihihihihi 🙂 I agree 1k % with Raph’s sentiment! Thx for reminding me! Btw human nature can be overcome, hence civilization!!!!

      1. lokieliot says:

        Yeh well ‘civilisation’ is the biggest game of them all. You say overcome, I say level up :-p. I think maybe you put to much negativity in into concept of presenting achievements for others. Take for instance our discussions about learning to 3d model mesh. I wanted to learn to make mesh, and I achieved it with the help of others. Once I learnt it, I then made a tutorial that you yourself tried. I used achievements as a step by step tool to learning and understanding how to 3D model. I did it that way because I can understand how daunting 3D modeling can seem even when you are committed to learning. achievements done right can be a very positive encouraging learning tool that does not force you against your will, rather helping you achieve the goals you want to achieve which I think is a very civilised thing achieve.

  4. Kay says:

    Thanks for the great hour plus today! I’ve been pondering Becky’s triad of Connection, Expression, and Authenticity. The vast majority of people I’ve met in SL are not builders, designers, performers, educators, machinima makers, or large business owners. They’re residents. They have social lives, they pursue hobbies, they shop, they own/rent homes, they attend events and tip performers, they take photos. Many of them don’t aspire to join the creative/business folks, though they admire their work. They just want to have great (second) lives, with, yes, authentic connections and means of self-expression. Perhaps that’s the proletariat, to put it in Marxist terms. Marketing can’t focus only on the bourgeoisie.

  5. I think there is a misunderstanding of the importance of fashion in SL.
    Yes, we like to be well dressed (however we each define that) but in a world of many, many choices, especially of fashion, finding what you want that fits and looks good on your avatar is HARD. Fashion bloggers provide a service both to the resident and creator. It is misleading to interpret that as meaning fashion monopolizes the majority of our time and resources.
    The real “value” of Second Life is, broadly speaking, social and/or creative, especially since SL is unique in that we are not tied in any way to RL limitations.

    1. Becky says:

      You may or may not be right Shug; I was mainly using people interested in fashion as a group that should be targeted using the concept of personas. I’m not advocating that LL focus 90% of their marketing budget on fashion 🙂 It was only an example to express a point about target marketing.

  6. Super Suz says:

    All the good stuff in one place and updated each week. Totally worth my little donation.

  7. Jerry says:

    Many people still want SL to be the next big thing or regret that it has not been that in the first place. But look at the Internet. Everybody uses it with the result that governments, regulators and big corporations totally destroyed it and messed it up. Do we want the same scenario for virtual worlds? Today the Internet stands for total surveillance, big monopolies and crime and putting up a website is the fastest way to getting sued that there is. I know, because the first employee of my internet company was not a developer, it was a lawyer.

  8. Thank you for an interesting and varied show – mind-expanding, as always!

  9. also, I would just like to add that it is the logo “your world your imagination” that first lured me into Second Life – it was enchanting to think there was a place where the laws & limitations of gravity, logic and physics could be challenged and defied.
    The following quote seems apt: ” All that is required of this time in planetary history is the ability to dream, and then to manifest that dream.”
    (Cliff High

  10. LOL Drax! I love the exchange with you and your son at the start! I agree with you on the Oculus. I don’t forsee myself using that. Your likening SL to a good book is right on. I don’t need VR goggles to shut out the world around me, SL can be extremely engaging and all encompassing. LOVE Canary’s ideas for gamifying the SL orientation process! She is so right about gamification. I too wish my students were more intrinsically motivated, I have struggled with that my whole teaching career. Over my 15 years teaching I have seen that students are certainly VERY extrinsically motivated, as sad as that may be, but aren’t we all to some extent? Canary has some amazing marketing ideas, LL needs to hire her! 😀

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