show #50: dmca

show #50
show #50

our 50th anniversary has tracy redangel and kitty o’toole discussing legal matters with us & fatima mekkaoui tells us her stories imvu. fascinating:

now on to more reading if you will:

firestorm is on sl go and sl go can enter multiple grids

shaken or stirred?
shaken or stirred?

– congrats to rob [who are you though?] for winning a leap motion!

nimble vr gets bought by oculus

tele-presence still a thing?

iSee [heads floating in a theatre]
iSee [heads floating in a theatre]
cory has just left the building…..

cory leaves FB
cory leaves FB

neal stephenson joins magic leap & he is blogging

– remember when neal wanted to make a sword fighting game?

petition to get avatars back on fb

hey zuck come on!
hey zuck come on!

– our guest fatima mekkaoui aka imokon neox

imvu mafia?

– our guests tracy redangel & kitty o’toole

dmca on wikipedia

official linden lab dmca policy

dmca dot com

make it go away for 199
make it go away for 199

the eff on the dmca

belleza’s statement on the takedown and progress

kitty wears it!
kitty wears it!

stroker serpentine lawsuits from 07 and 09

strawberry singh about ‘my phat azz’ [but still taken down in-world and on mp!]

maitreya fashion

vintage village

vintage village = an entire sim was stolen
vintage village = an entire sim was stolen

wowmeh mesh bodies

– drax is working on episode 25 [out before year end and BEFORE we resume this show on 01/16]

TDF 25 Mother pregnant Father smoking
TDF 25 Mother pregnant Father smoking

ll release candidate viewer for xp keys

– drax on kitty’s “second life” music video?

mona eberhardt on sex!

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

the show is supported by leap motion, sl go [by onlive], stitcher, paradise lost in second life, botgirl’s identity circus, kahruvel design, vika creations, humanoid animations, escapades, botanical, death row designs, nantra, angel red cotoure, fallen gods incorporated, {what’s next}, abranimations, blue moon enterprises and landscapes unlimited!

special thanks to justin esparza for the show thumbnail!

music by bd.

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. Rob says:

    Great show as always

    And I won the Leap, ohhhh yesssss
    Long ago since I won something 🙂

    I’m Robertus in SL and will ping you my address, thanks

  2. isfullofcrap says:

    Count the steps it takes to change your Windlight view in SL official viewer.
    Then, change it with Quick Preferences in FireStorm.

    1. oh wow, you can access the full windlight editing panel so easily? i gotta try that when filming next time because admittedly changing gamma, sun position and hue on the fly is a bit of menu juggling…..

      1. Ciaran Laval says:

        Yeah I’m currently using the official SL viewer because I have AMD graphics drivers that I foolishly updated and it works better than Firestrom on higher graphics settings, but I really miss the ease of use of Firestorm’s windlight settings. Fiddling around with gamma, angles and having to keep saving a new preset is painful.

      2. isfullofcrap says:

        Give it a try. There’s a lot of things you can add to that Quick Preferences pad to make it a one-stop shop for tweaking.


  3. I love Firestorm for the Quick Preference alone. If you really want to, you can also customize your Quick Preferences. The Phototools makes SL Photography really nice! Strawberry posted a link to some great tutorials by William Weaver. The Phototools make it incredibly easy to fine tune shadows. The Firestorm Support staff have in-world classes every week
    I could go on and on about how much I love Firestorm…I’ll shut up now!

  4. Tracy Redangel says:

    Strawberry’s tutorial link:

  5. Super Suz says:

    Oh wow. I signed up to check out the SLGo and after I figured out it’s too different to Firestorm, I canceled. Now I have to reconsider!

  6. Jo Yardley says:

    Reblogged this on Jo Yardley's Second Life and commented:

    Drax Files Radio Hour show about the DMCA;

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