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show #48: always in season

show #48

show #48

what a show: if you like to hear filmmaker jackie olive explain why for her documentary about the horrific history of lynching of african-americans in the united states second life is the perfect companion environment, fast forward to 20:35 and get into it. fascinating stuff all around:

read on friends:

always in season documentary fb page

lynching reenactment

lynching reenactment

– always in season trailer:

dragging the victim to the lynching [sl prototype]

dragging the victim to the lynching [sl prototype]

– second life concept trailer:

working at BAVC [in the back row facing = Asri Falcone and Drax]

working at BAVC [in the back row facing = Asri Falcone and Drax]

james cameron, victim and survivor

mlk quote as relevant as it ever was

mlk quote as relevant as it ever was

leap motion 3d jam contest [now closed but submission are playable]

paul mccartney in vr

paul in vr

paul in vr

samsung gear vr available for xmas

belleza skin bombarded by dmca filings [wowmeh had pulled out of making skins in sl but came back]

belleza skin

belleza skin

linden lab’s post about dmca and their liability

disney rip off in sl - where are the lawyers? [pic by jaiimy hancroft]

disney rip off in sl – where are the lawyers? [pic by jaiimy hancroft]

more disney rip off in sl [pic by jaiimy hancroft]

more disney rip off in sl [pic by jaiimy hancroft]

ultrasound gives haptic feedback in vr!

president obama is being scanned

philip k. dick went off the rails in 1964 with “the simulacra” about media consolidation and corporatocracy

ultimate weather system by xavier novelli [ask him to make it snow!]

kris schomaker – artist!

an avatar in the rain [pic by kris schomaker]

an avatar in the rain [pic by kris schomaker]

an avatar out of sl [pic by kris schomaker]

an avatar out of sl [pic by kris schomaker]

avatars in la [pic by kris schomaker]

avatars in la [pic by kris schomaker]

– and avatars in the 1920s [minus jo yardley!]:

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music by bd.

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8 comments on “show #48: always in season

  1. wwwench
    December 5, 2014

    Drax .. thanks for at least a mention of the abuse of the DMCA process purely for competitive gain. Any theft or recovery of creative content is mute, Belleza’s loss is permanent, months of red tape time and expense. The Labs are the villains in this. Just as with the TOS our legal department has no concern for it’s paying residents and creators, worse yet can’t put two and two together and see the real story by who and the accuser’s method. They first lag your store, prim clutter, attack buyers finally they use the below $10 legal merchants to slam ISP’s and Hosting legal departments that are weak and won’t defend, like ours. They are geo located which allows them immunity.
    Do some token investigation … Belleza was not the first nor the last! <– the $10 – $199 process servers

    FYI -Belleza- was shutdown for creating the top Fitted Mesh Body and was soon releasing a fix with regard to shorter curvy Avs.
    Your reported Skins were left in store.
    Bri Hasp

    • draxfiles
      December 10, 2014

      We will put a final show for 2014 together to discuss this. Any tipps or links: email please!

      • Bri Ryan
        December 11, 2014

        This update gives you a clearer picture of how -Belleza- went about getting LL legal to cooperate in what is LL’s job. Our legal team wouldn’t even say who filed the claim until pressured by legal action. Is like our “lawyers” are on the side of the perpetrator and we must pay to defend our innocence.
        This is not the first or the last.. just they picked a Team with deep pockets for justice.
        Bri Hasp

  2. wwwench
    December 6, 2014

    An fellow SL’s blog doing their part fighting for the abused

  3. Medhue
    December 6, 2014

    SL could have been an AI paradise, but LL screwed it up, and this while an actual game developer is running the business. Massive Facepalm! When mesh development was finishing up, the lindens had told us that custom skeletons were the next thing they wanted to do. Of course, we never got that. Instead, they pushed out pathfinding. I didn’t complain, because I saw how they were doing it, and it was very cool and needed, if we were going to have NPCs. I figured custom skeletons would have to come next, as it is pointless to have pathfinding without it, especially considering the land impact costs. Without skeletons, your NPCs are basically just stick figures moving around like robots. With custom skeletons, we would have had something that is better than anything in most games, plus an army of people who would want to develop them. As it is, NPCs are a bunch of work, which results in something that is not very good or realistic at all. I recently made a Rat for the Unity3D game engine. He is awesome in Unity. Then, I thought, why not make him an NPC in SL. He is very low poly, so I figured I could just upload him in 3 different poses, and then turn the visibiliy on and off between the poses. What I did not think about was that each pose has 3 LODs. That is 9 LODs for the whole rat that must be switched between. When you add in that SL has LOD switching problems, I eventually gave up, and are just letting my rats run around my own sim, instead of selling them, as they don’t meet any kind of consistent standard. Plus, LL automatically makes every pathfinding NPC a minimum of 15 land impact. So, each of my little tiny rats, are each 15 prims, despite them being super low poly. Currently, NPCs are a joke in SL. A sad joke to us developers. Here is my rat in Blender, and he works perfectly in Unity.

    I find it completely and totally ridiculous that LL will allow a journalist in the New World, yet the people that actually know how 3D assets should work can’t get in at all. It shows me, that LL hasn’t changed at all. That they think about marketing before substance. If you could get in there Drax, then now is when we, creative community, should be in there helping to make sure things are how we need them to be. I have absolutely no faith at all that LL will do things right. More and more, it is looking like LL’s new world will be a complete dud, and will not be able to compete with what is coming. The Unity community is booming, and now UnReal engine is more affordable than Unity, AND CryEngine is just as affordable as UnReal. So, as a content creator, I have many more, and better options than SL. Not only this, but they all use FBX, and no merchant has to sell through Unity, Unreal, nor CryEngine. Unreal doesn’t even want to take commission from content, as they know this is not smart if you want tons of content for you users. Why would any of us create for this new world of LL’s when they have already said they are going to charge us more. Taxing merchants will only raise the price of the content. Just like corporations don’t really pay the taxes in RL, merchants don’t pay those commissions in SL. They consumers always pay all the taxes. It can’t work any other way. So, to tax the producers, is to tax the consumers, not the producer, as they have to pass that cost onto the customers. Unity charges a 30% commission on their marketplace. I, as an independent creator, do not have to sell on their marketplace. I have my own marketplace on my own website, which works 100 times better than theirs or SL’s. By not selling on Unity’s Marketplace, I can cut my price by 30% and massively undercut all the merchants on their website, cause I don’t have to pay that tax, and they do. It’s basic econ 101.

  4. lokieliot
    December 19, 2014

    The mention of Disney content in SL and Disney’s lack of interest in SL reminds me of two occasions where a company or individual copyright holders cracked down on SL fandom. in 2010 Universal Studios requested take down of Battlestar Galactica content, but later i think allowed fan made content as long as it was freely distributed. while in 2009 Agents of Frank Herbert a cease-and-desist notice to the DUNE role-play communities. So SL isn’t ignored as much as we’d we sometimes think. In fact with Disney’s Infinity virtual world growing bigger and more popular it’s kind of surprising they have not struck down Disney Content in SL. It’s like there is a sudden difference in opinion if you change your fan made content from free to making money. A world of “i’m gonna share this with you, but i don’t want to inspired you to take it further”.

    Im about to get started in the Mesh Avatar business. I hope i don’t see similar problems. I’ve sort of blogged the whole development of my avatar though, so hopefully thats enough prove that i made it myself. Competition is healthy so i don’t understand the need to bully. Competition keeps a creator on their toes striving to do better each year, so a certain amount of respect is given to your competitors. maybe i’m just old fashioned.

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