show #46: unter den lindens

show #46
show #46

drax went to linden lab hq in san francisco [because you know they are still the s*** in virtual worlds] and saw the light.

or did he? what does the above sentence even mean?

take a listen and hear straight from lindens, passionate lindens, who love to make the [digital] world a better place:

and below a few more links to read and get context:

– i met so many lindens personally [and all i got was to post sl snaps!]

alexa and simon [who is who?]
alexa and simon [who is who?]
michelle linden
michelle linden
xiola at meshworx
xiola at meshworx
unidentified linden engineers in the basement
unidentified linden engineers in the basement

– philip rosedale does not understand virtual worlds:

bad sl “journalism” strikes & inara’s rebuttal

inara uses drax imagery to correct the record
inara uses drax imagery to correct the record

must read about magic leap [and then explain it to us!]

magic leap elephant in hand [not room]
magic leap elephant in hand [not room]
our guest monty linden

ll post about maintenance week and why why why it had to happen

bagman [who we had to cut from the show] in his own words about himself

bagmand and widely [seated] showcase sl 2pointo
bagmand and widely [seated] showcase sl 2pointo
brooke linden

daver and brooke linden with jo [and carl metropolitan] on designing worlds
daver and brooke linden with jo [and carl metropolitan] on designing worlds
– kona, shaman and caleb:

shaman kona and caleb
shaman kona and caleb

columbia journalism review on vr journalism & our show with nonny

show #24
show #24

– drax files video on theatre in sl

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

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special thanks to justin esparza for the show thumbnail!

music by bd.

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  1. Medhue says:

    Net Neutrality is only needed because governments limit who can provide the network. So, the government restricts the net market by only allowing a few companies handle it, and then claim to be protecting us against them. It’s fascism at it’s finest. The real solution is to open up the networking to more companies and then people will have hundreds of options, not just a few. We don’t need Food Neutrality, because lots of people grow food and I can grow my own. We don’t need Computer Neutrality because anyone can make a computer, and lots of different companies sell different parts. It’s the market that protects the people, not the government.

  2. Medhue says:

    OH, I forgot to post my Leap Motion question. Here it is. Why doesn’t Leap Motion give away a big bag of pot with the Leap Motion? If you ask me, getting stoned and playing with a leap motion would be a fun afternoon. lol

  3. Rob says:

    Question to David from LeapMotion

    The LeapMotion works without gloves or a specific handheld controller
    This means you have no haptic feedback on your hands

    It would be great while creating 3d stuff haptic feedback is possible

    What are your thoughts about this
    Is LeapMotion working on some extra device for haptic feedback ?

    1. draxfiles says:

      thx for the questions, we will pose them to David on a show in early 2015. Leaps will be given out in our last show before Xmas. Stay tuned!

  4. Ernst says:

    Great show!

    Questions to David. He probably won’t answer the first one. 😉

    1. Are they working with Oculus to integrate the Leap Motion into the consumer version of the Rift?
    Although there now is a rumour that Oculus will use their own gesture chip:

    2. What solution are they aiming for: a Leap Motion controller attached to the headset? (That may not work when you’re not looking at your hands.) Or an external one? (That may not work when you turn around.)

    Regards, Ernst

    1. draxfiles says:

      thx for listening Ernst – the questions will be posed when we get David back in early 2015. Leaps will be given out in our last show before Xmas. Stay tuned!

  5. Ciaran Laval says:

    Great show, we most definitely need to see more of this Linden Lab merchandise. Jack Linden offered us a bag of swag once, I don’t think anyone took him up on the offer.

  6. Inara Pey says:

    Good show, and thanks for the input on the Moviepilot article – including the reasons to take a stance on the site where the original article was written!

    How about a direct link to the article so people can get to it easily & read it and, more importantly, push the numbers there up to get it closer to offering an alternative viewpoint to Mr. McDonald?

    Also – on Magic Leap: looks like we’ll get to see some of what it is all about next year. Magic Leap technology (not clear if it is the full headset or some special aspect of the technology) is to be provided to audiences watching a new film called The Age Of Starlight.

    The film will be shown at the Manchester International Festival here in the UK in 2015. It is being directed by Kevin MacDonald and features VFx by Frameshare, the team behind the Ocsar-winning VFx in Gravity. Perhaps the best term for describing it might be “immersive documentary”.

    Also, alongside your observation about Magic Leap and virtual worlds (they’ve filed a trademark on this), interesting to note the Magic Leap headset will apparently include an ability to switch between a transparent augmented reality mode and an opaque virtual reality mode. Also interesting that one of their patents draws upon a 2011 patent for the projection of images on curved, “wrap-around” style lenses…

  7. Inara Pey says:

    Hmm… pingbacks are not working; seems and don’t like each other….

  8. Lots of interesting things to listen to, as always, Drax and Jo! Did I hear incorrectly that you were soliciting questions from your audience to bring to staff at LL? All I see here are questions about Leap Motion…which are good too. But if you were also soliciting questions to ask staff members at LL in general, I have one: When SL 2.0 comes out, will they still honor our current SL memberships, names and status within the NEW SL? I am a 12-year old charter member of SL and was wondering if that would be honored in SL 2.0. Thanks. Ü

    1. draxfiles says:

      Only Leap questions but this is a GOOD one and I think we should do a panel with Ebbe when the time comes and collect questions about SL 2.o before then. Good idea!

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