show #44: what about belgium?

show #44
show #44

oh what a special guest today =  jaimy hancroft – super talented designer and business woman in sl, where she actively shapes the world that we love so much. and she does that all the while living in tiny tiny rl belgium! enjoy:

an fb group for sl folks who don’t go into sl

high schoolers for life
high schoolers for life

oculus coming to costco in months [for perhaps 199 us$]

the brains behind castAR are being scheduled to appear on the show

avegant glyph gets support from snoop dog lion

– and wouldn’t you know it – there is a machinima of snoop:

inara on http pipelining

ll seeks feedback aout performance improvements

the europeans get it: education with oculus/leap

– pierre omidyar [who makes news now] of ebay fame and his secret second life

pierre the pioneer
pierre the pioneer

– our guest jaimy speed making elves:

jaimy's elves and such
jaimy’s elves and such
jaimy hancroft art
jaimy hancroft art
jaimy's hope horizon build for ff rfl 2014
jaimy’s hope horizon build for ff rfl 2014

ll sheds desura

ebbe at engadget expo on “vr beyond gaming”

ebbe gonna tell em?
ebbe gonna tell em?

open simluator conference is happening [with philip!!!]

open sim with fleep
open sim with fleep

– and THIS JUST IN: sign-up for sl go, get your super cloud sl computer and help support this podcast!

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music by bd.

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  1. Pingback: » Ciaran Laval
  2. Ciaran Laval says:

    Jaimy is a legend, great work and great interview.

    1. draxfiles says:

      we might have another Belgian person on – an oldbie who got “bored” with SL 🙂

  3. I know i’m late lol but I just stumbled on this podcast. We are here!!!! I’m Belgian, been in SL since 2007 and I have met a few Belgians in SL. My best friend in SL is Belgian! And we never met in RL LOL.

    1. draxfiles says:

      I am so glad we have more Belgian listeners :))))

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