show #41: confessions of a lifer

show #41
show #41

on the show today we have a well-known and smart 10 year old: salazar jack aka justin esparza has been active in second life for a decade now and he knows a thing or two about what worked and what did not in a user-centric vw.

lindens – are you listening?

plus: dennis harper from onlive about sl go and widely linden says: “go and get an oculus dk2!”

reading material below:

sl has oculus dk2 support

sl go runs on an ipad!

– dennis harper and the temple of doom:

vr in space…… [and jacki morie who was our guest a few weeks back works on spacey things too]

the zeiss vr one [carl is not too old for such things]

zeiss cinemizer: for a drone at home
zeiss cinemizer: for a drone at home

– linden http project: der himmel über [1920s] berlin

– our guest justin esparza aka salazar jack from the forest of kahruvel

kahruvel hijacks the linden sky

kahruvel backstory, salazar jack, locations in-world & how it ties with new babbage and magellan linden

salazars lighthouse [pic by osprey]
salazars lighthouse [pic by osprey]
– the great erase, the crash of magellan & a tour guide through the forest

jack flying near kahruvel forest
jack flying near kahruvel forest

– drax watches zero theorem while jo does not watch zero theorem [but she should!]

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the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

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music by bd.

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  1. lokieliot says:

    i don’t think the Consumer Oculus is anywhere near any corners

  2. fogwoman says:

    Having started in SL and then moved onto MMOs and other games, the thing I find most puzzling is that while the Lab spends lots of time and effort on the “first hour” yadda yadda they have made specific design choices to make the user interface completely different from most MMOs and really counterintuitive for anyone who has played them.
    I honestly don’t go back inworld much anymore because it is a nightmare just moving around. Making things super-easy or free is not the answer, in my mind. Making things *recognizable* is. Years ago when I went into SL it was my first online world experience. But there are a TON of folks who would probably spend some time and money inworld if it was not such a frustration trying to unlearn all that muscle memory!
    Just my 2c.

  3. draxfiles says:

    Correction: we used the wrong sample of Dennis’ music for Indiana Jones = he in fact did the full Arcade version with a Yamaha DX7 and not just the simple 8bit version we played in the show [check this: starting around :33 in this video and getting very very Zappa “Jazz from Hell” around 2:03]

  4. Medhue says:

    Drax, what is so puzzling about your constant insecurities about the free market, is that SL is the closest thing to a free market the world has ever seen. You can look at what happens in SL and see how these things would be solved in the real world. Remember the issue with mesh clothing? Did creators just say screw the customer and make whatever they wanted, and ignored the customer? No, some of the largest designers got together and voluntarily accepted standards that everyone agreed upon. Yes, it was not perfect, as we can’t just recode SL ourselves, but they listened to the consumers and did what they could to make it all better for everyone. They did this without pointing any guns at anyone. They did this without the use of force.

    Government dictates are the opposite. It results in 1 group, dictating to everyone else how things will be, using the guns of government to enforce their opinions. That is democracy. Whomever’s side has the most people, gets to dictate to everyone else how things will be. Gay marriage restrictions are a result of democracy. The drug war is the result of the democracy. Everytime you see 1 side forcing their views onto others, they can only do this with a democracy. As I have said before, the US is a republic, which has a constitution, which is supposed to dictate what can be voted on. Our republic was created to try and preserve our human rights. Human rights are not things that require labor to have. Healthcare is not a human right because it required the labor of another person. To say that someone else’s labor is your right, is to promote slavery.

    The free market is the ultimate compromise, and gives people choices. Combined with prices, the free market is the best way for each person to know whether they are helping the world. In a free market, it is those the help the most people that make the most money, not those that pay the politicians the most. This is why socialism can’t work, because it seeks to eliminate price from the equation, which leaves no way to know whether you are wasting resources. The controllers would have to get perfect information to allocate resources efficiently. Price is that perfect information, rolled up in a ball. Without it, people will die because of the misallocation of resources, and the only innovation that will go on, is that which is create by government cronies, which will only benefit the fascist corporations.

  5. Jerry says:

    Medue, the end result of a completely free market is often a monopoly. You see that especially in the US, where there is in many sectors only one company with a huge marketshare. You see that in the Internet, ISPs, cable companies, health care and even when it comes to bottled water, which you almost always buy from Nestle Corporation. Also completely free markets tend to destroy the enviroment, because people usually just care about their own backyard and about what happens in their own life time. So what do I care about toxic waste in Afrika or about nuclear waste? That is a problem of future generations. Why should I not use up all the oil on the planet or why should my generation not create a huge amount of debt and leave future generations to deal with it? Another problem is the lack of information that I have about my decisions in the market. Lets say I buy a soda. I have no way of finding out what is inside and how it affects my future health. I do not know how the product is made. It is just way too complex. And everybody uses hundrets of products every day. We just hope for the best, but there is no way to make an informed decision about anything. So certain people or corporations always have the advantage of having more information and can use that too trick other people. Financial products are a very good example. Who made the most money the past decade? -Investmentbankers. At the same time they provide almost no utility, they usually just make money by having the advantage of having more information or being able to buy politicians.
    But I also agree to the following: Government sucks, communism sucks and freedom is what I want. So we should leave that communism/capitalism stuff in the 19th century and invent something 21st century. Bitcoin is an example of a beautiful system that works without politicians and that finally promisses freedom from evil bankers. Also the internet in general allows us to make much better informed decisions about our daily life. Though at the same time the US government abused it to create a global surveillance state….

  6. olehio says:

    living in germany. living behind the moon. it is very honorable to fight for copyrights but if this ends in non-availability of products something goes wrong. no product, no copyright violation possible, naturally! so german :/

    1. draxfiles says:

      Ole do you mean OnLive not avail in Deutschland?

      1. ole says:

        yes, thats what i mean. i have a tool that makes me ip look like being from california but then that is probably the best way to connect with the NSA so i m no sure. perhaps there arr nice ppl working at the nsa that only want to know about mr. bones.?. even worse is the country choice at the onlive credit card page that gives me three choices: usa, canada, uk (no “behind the moon” sadly). dont wanna end in a credit card fraud thingy. arrr

  7. Hey, it’s Dennis from OnLive. Maybe I can answer the questions on why SL Go is not available in some locales.

    First, Germany. Large SL community. Savvy online users. As much as we would love to be in Germany, unfortunately there are very strict censorship laws governing violence in video games. As a company, OnLive distributes hundreds of games banned in Germany, so we cannot allow our service to be accessed.

    Why not just SL Go? Well, when you have an SL Go account, you actually have an OnLive account. You can use our game service as well as experience SL Go. Enabling SL Go in Germany would violate many of the agreements we have with our game publishers. Until we can find a way to distribute SL Go exclusively, Germany is blocked.

    But what about places like Australia? We could actually let users try SL Go in Australia, but we have no servers located in the Asia/Pacific region. You might be able to connect, but we’re concerned that your experience would be less than acceptable. The lag might just kill the app.

    That being said, I just enabled SL Go in the Australian App Store. If there are any Aussies out there that are willing to try, I’d love to hear if you can connect and what your experience is like. Anecdotally, a member of our board played SL Go from Hawaii and said it was great.

    We’re very open to suggestions and comments. If you have something, please let me know.

  8. teragershtan says:

    Thanks for your comments Dennis Harper about SL Go being enabled in the Australian App store. I’ve checked but it isn’t there yet. As soon as it is available I’ll give it a go. I’ll be happy to provide feedback on whether I can connect (from Melbourne) and what kind of experience I have with it.

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