show #40: chris, the money guy!

show #40
show #40

christopher colosi was once the ben bernanke of the virtual universe second life, setting policy, dealing with land barons and guiding a team that handles a 500 million us$ annual economy.

now he is back with gloebit, a digital currency platform, ready to facilitate any [virtual] goods and services transaction.

a fascinating conversation about “real” vs. digital money and the future of commerce:

additional reading material below:

inara pey on ebbe altberg on tnt/next gen vw

ebbe on esquire tv with “johnny” pigozzi

what is ebbe up to in the basement?
what is ebbe up to in the basement?

cory ondrejka – now vp at fb – talks [today] at svvr & we have highlights next week with karl krantz

cory now [fb] and then [sl]
cory now [fb] and then [sl]
– leap motion + oculus = anatomy vr:

the structure sensor from occipital:

an exo-skeleton to feel vr?

dexmo = freddy krueger vr?
dexmo = freddy krueger vr?

from humboldt university berlin: put your face into sl

– way back draxtor machine = cyber extruder pasted your rl face onto an avatar back in 07! watch:

– our guest christopher colosi from gloebit [very very formerly of xstreet sl]

chris with a linden classic shirt
chris with a linden classic shirt

– his former windlight colleagues from windwardmark interactive = back with “alliance: the silent war”

chris will be at the AWESOME indiecade TODAY

indiecade now
indiecade now

jo likes the future of cgi!

new social network youlizer

uwa transcending borders machinima contest – apply now! [inara pey is the judge!]

mistero hifeng at uwa
mistero hifeng at uwa

ziki questi recommends: bryn oh retrospective

– anna sarkeesian at xoxo festival:

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special thanks to justin esparza for the show thumbnail today!

music by bd.

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17 Comments Add yours

  1. Inara Pey says:

    Re: “uwa transcending borders machinima contest – apply now! [inara pey is the judge!]”

    I’m not “the” judge; I am but one member of a highly distinguished jury, which also include the likes of Ziki Questi, FreeWee Ling, Kip Yellowjacket, TheDove Rhode, Mal Burns, LaPiscean Liberty, Victoria Lennoire, Arrehn Oberlander, Saffia widdershin, quan Lavender and many other SL luminaries and experts from the physical world. So my voice is very small, please don’t over-state it!

    1. Inara, my scheme to get you commenting and naming names worked hihihi 😉

      1. Inara Pey says:

        It’s an important distinction,

    2. i am acutely aware but for me YOU are the judge 🙂 in a good way!

  2. Super Suz says:

    I really do look forward to Friday afternoons when I listen at work. Takes me over the hump and straight to the weekend. Thanks for that, Drax.

    1. suzsuper says:

      Oh and of course! Lovely Jo as well!

  3. Medhue says:

    I mentioned turning the linden dollar into an internet currency on the SL blogs back in 2008.

    On the topic of trickle down, or trickle up, it is the free market that is trickle up, and a controlled economy that is trickle down. The socialists think that managing the economy is the only way, but the end result is the reverse of what they want, because it is impossible to give the power to control things to people, and they not use that power to enrich themselves. Both political parties, in the US, are socialists. If leave the economy alone, then the people at the bottom will have more freedom to create wealth for themselves. Just look at the debate about minimum wage. It bypassed the real problem, and puts all the blame on the employers, instead of where were the blame should be laid. The only reason a person can not live on $7/hr in the US, is because the government will take almost half that money. Why is the poorest taxed at all? So, we can make them jump thru hopes and beg for their own money back? It’s ridiculous, but the government wants to point the fingers at businesses.

    Really, the only reason I’m commenting is because of Anita. She is getting all the blow back because she is a feminist con artist. She uses victimhood to get people with real issues to fund her life. She misleads and flat out lies. She was never a “gamer” , as there are lectures done by her on the internet where she tells the whole audience she doesn’t like games, and was force to play some games just to write her thesis. In her videos, almost every single thing she says can be said about the men in the games. She even tried to say that Hitman is a sexist game because you can knock out women and drag them around, as if this is the only point of the game mechanic. Yet, if she actually knew the history of games, and that particular game, she would have known that the game mechanic has been in the game since the first beta game of the series was ever released on the net, and the point of it is to hide the bodies of the people you might kill so that they are not found by the npc police, or other actors in the games. Anita purposely made it seem as if the only point was to beat women up and drag them around. That is not honest analysis or journalism. It’s creating BS where it had never existed, just to get the outrage from your audience.

    She knew from the beginning that she would get hate, and she did things to encourage it, just so she could eventually post those hate messages onto a kickstarter, which she eventually raised $160k. She said it was to fund more videos, but she has actually produced less videos since, then when she did them without funding. The bottom line is that she is a con artist, and doesn’t give a crap about games. Now, with #gamergate blowing up, things are even more heated.

    Now, am I saying there is not sexism in game. Hell no! I’m saying that not everything is sexism, and not all sexism is bad. Yes, the big game titles are mostly for men, but that is only because it is mostly men making those games. For whatever reason, not that many women make games. Today, with the indy scene, any women in the world can grab a free version of Unity and create their own games. Some are doing it. Hurray for them. Let’s promote them, not try to destroy the industry or games that so many people loved. The real world is sexist. Let’s start their. Heck, many women are sexist, and feminists. If you are only advocating for 1 sex, and purposely suppressing 1 sex, that is sexism. Today, men are demonized just for being men. We get less funding for college, and hence there are less men in colleges. There are literally thousands of government programs just for women, even a program with the Department of Transportation to get more women into road construction. There are almost ZERO programs specifically for men, outside of those created for prisons. That is sexism, and exactly what feminism has done. The feminists steal from the poor, using government, to enrich themselves.

    1. Wow. You really feel threatened by the very existence of women, it seems.

    2. Also, from what you said earlier… “[Anita Sarkeesian] is getting all the blow back because she is a feminist con artist. She uses victimhood to get people with real issues to fund her life.” I’m terribly sorry, but what you’re doing is victim blaming and justifying death and rape threats. Honestly, simply because I’m a woman and I’m terribly offended and insulted as a woman by your sexist, misogynist rant, I’m never going to buy from your shop or recommend your shop to anyone. And by the way, video games have always been sexist, and so has been the entire gaming “culture”.

      1. Medhue says:

        Oh, no, I made criticisms. I must be a sexist, or a misogynist. Do as you will. I actually respect women, and don’t think they need to steal from the poor to get into college, or get a job in construction, or whatever. They aren’t babies that need a nipple. They are adults that can very well compete directly with any other human on this earth. The problem I have with feminists, is that they use emotions and force to con people into being sexist against men.

        If anything, SL proves that there are thousands of women in the industry, capable of everything any guy in the industry is. What bothers me the most about feminist culture is that it no longer inspires women to achieve above and beyond, but to be always think of themselves as victims. Their solutions don’t empower women, but rather depress men.

      2. You’re in denial now. First, you trivialised and normalised the death and rape threats as mere “blowback”. So, you were saying she was asking for it. You can’t get more misogynist than that. Furthermore, your reply is hypocritical. Criticism of the gaming industry’s sexism seeks to depress men? How? But I digress… All I’ll get is more mansplaining and making up excuses for the douchebros of the gaming “community”.

      3. Medhue says:

        I’m in denial? I’m not the 1 that needs to steal from people to push my ideology. If you say something controversial on the net, then people are going to respond. When more than half that audience are teenage boys, then you can expect to get some hostile responses. This is not brain surgery.

        You are basically giving standard feminist responses. It’s like you are copying this stuff out of a book. Copy and paste. In your 2 comments, you have made no arguments at all. You have simply called me names and used strawmen to represent me. Not once have you directly refuted anything I’ve said. Maybe, when you stop “copy and pasting” from feminist blogs, then you will actually learn how to make an argument.

      4. Exactly who is stealing from people to “push her ideology”? Sarkeesian? Last time I checked, people voluntarily contributed to her website. Unlike banks, which are constantly being bailed out with taxpayers’ money – money that is taken away from things like healthcare, infrastructure maintenance, and education. So, you’re giving us bullshit: You’re accusing Sarkeesian of stealing, when in fact the people who contribute to her efforts do it voluntarily, having decided for themselves.

        As for the “standard feminist responses” and the name-calling, may I remind you that it was you that essentially told us that death and rape threats are criticism and valid responses to someone’s opinion? Besides, you are the one that tells us feminism is a bad thing – i.e. you’re telling us that a movement that strives to ensure women are treated as human beings, have equal opportunities in the professional field, are paid fairly and appropriately for their skills and experience (and not based on gender prejudice – aka the “vagina tax”), have a right to vote, a right to decide what they’ll do with their bodies (abortion rights and all) is a bad thing.

        And yes, it’s a bad thing to you, because you feel your male privilege is threatened. There really is no point in discussing with you, or the likes of you, any further. If you had any kind of decency and dignity, you’d never have told us that the death and rape threats Sarkeesian received were “blowback” (i.e. valid responses) for her “lies” (incidentally, nothing of what she said about the way women are depicted in video games was false). You didn’t even bother to distance yourself from these criminals.

      5. Medhue says:

        Again, you are just creating strawmen to rephrase my arguments in a way that suits you. I did not say that Anita, personally, stole anything. I was implying that feminists steal from the poor to fund their feminist programs. They get government to create more and more programs for women, besiding funding most of the feminist organizations. This is sexism at it’s finest. Feminists do not promote equality, they promote inequality by giving women special government sponsored privileges, that men have never had, and never will. As I pointed out, there are literally no government programs that are specific to only men, yet there are thousands and thousands of programs that ONLY apply to women.

        I never said that death and rape threats are criticism and valid responses to someone’s opinion. You created that in your own head. It’s another strawman. I simply implied that if you poke a rattlesnake, he is likely to strike. This is not an implication that the strike is valid, just natural.

        Today, feminism is a bad thing. As I said, it uses government to steal or force people to comply. 1 could easily argue that feminism was bad from the start, as it was 1 of the key groups that helped to abolish alcohol, which led to thousands of men being killed and imprisoned, just for wanting a drink. It was even worse than just that, as many of the men just fought a world war.

        All of the feminist talking points are total BS. You could say that the vaginal tax, is the tax we all have to pay to fund this feminist BS. The myth of women getting paid less has been debunked for over a decade now. The differences in pay are directly linked to the different choices that men and women make. Women have had the right to vote for 100 years now. Get over it. As for abortions, this is not as cut and dried as feminist want everyone to think. What if the man wants the baby? Oh, that’s right, he has no say. Right? He also has no say when the child is born, and he is forced to pay for it. The man can’t say, I didn’t want a baby, like a women can. If a women can just abort, then why can’t a man say he won’t pay for the child. I’m not saying I would personally do any of this, as I value life greatly, but you can’t make 1 argument without considering the consequences for the other gender involved.

        Male privileged? Please explain to me what privileges I have over women. I can stand and piss? Do you want to take that from me also. Why not make it against the law? Today, women have FAR more privileges than men, handed out by the government. They dwarf any kind of perceived privileges that men might have had in the past. Plus, men actually pay for women to have these privileges over them.

      6. Women are more privileged than men? Yeah, right. Then why do we get paid less than men of equal experience and qualification for the same job? Why is it that, when a woman is sexually harassed or raped, we have people like you start with the “she was asking for it”? Why is it that our reproductive rights are under constant attack? Why is it that when a woman gets pregnant, she’s very likely to lose her job? Why is it that a married woman is less likely to find a new job? Oh yeah – these are all the privileges we women have. Spare us this bullshit, please. But anyway, if you were even half-intelligent, you’d have realised by now how deeply you’ve dug yourself in.

      7. Medhue says:

        I have already explained the gender wage gap. It makes me wonder if you are actually reading my post, or cycling it thru some feminist converter. So, I’ll just give you the link to the topic on Wikipedia. IMHO, it still has a very feminist slant, as many wiki articles are trending due to feminist groups directly targeting wikipedia, but it still describes the issue in a reasonable way.

        Personally, I only need to look at myself, and the females in my life to see how the differences in how men’s and women’s choices affect their pay. I’m actually unusual, because I have worked less hours than my son’s mother, but I’ve also asked or demanded raises every single time I felt I had the advantage in the relationship with my employers. I have never worked for a company, where I did not learn every single machine in the shop. This made me very valuable to the employer, which gave me a big say in my working hours, and my pay. I actually left work early every single day to be home when my son got off the bus. This would typically be a choice more women would make, but do they learn every machine at work for the privilege. I think not. Oh, and in 15 years of work experience, I say only 15 because the last 8 years I’ve been doing 3D, I asked/demanded a raise 8 times over those 15 years, and only once did my employer not meet that demand. In that case, I left and worked for another company that gave me the raise I wanted. It is the choices you make that make you valuable to your employers.

        Your opinions do not match with the data. Plus, there are other factors, besides discrimination that easily explain any gaps between genders in unemployment. As it is, the gaps are negligible.

        As far as reproductive rights, I see this as the result of socialist thinking that everything can be voted on. See, the Constitution dictated that people have rights that the federal government shall not infringe. Despite this, socialist have made it possible to infringe on all these human rights by voting on the infringe issues. When you allow people to vote on things they should not be voting on, then you get 1 side, generally because more people have those opinions, writing laws against the other side. This is democracy, which is why the US is supposed to be a republic. In a republic, the government can only regulate that which it has expressed permission to, thru the constitution. Again, if you don’t want other people dictating to you what you can do with your own body, then respect the constitution and don’t allow legislator to vote on unconstitutional legislation. It’s your ideology that created the problem.

        Who dug themselves into a whole? See, I’m not afraid to go wherever you want to go, because I’ve made it important to myself that my logic is consistent. Feminist logic, has many contradictions, that are easily spotted when your mind and logic is consistent, and not muddied by irrational fears and rhetoric.

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