show #38: nothing but oculus!

show #38
show #38

sorry folks but we will talk second life and dk2 today & then we move on to oculus connect and crescent bay. that is it. oh wait: no, we also talk how to tackle sl messaging in the age of vr resurgence and teleporting in 4d. intrigued? well then, have a listen:

good show? we thought so! now please read on and get some context:

marriott makes teleporters now? yes indeed:

ebbe at engagdet expand

– dk2 works with second life [almost!]

widely linden [widely known as a good guy!]
widely linden [widely known as a good guy!]
fb real names: drag queens turn up the heat

how to use a fake name on fb


some info on the justice league [aka outsourced law enforcement sl-style!]

ar meets vr [from the imperial college of london]

our guest cosmo scharf


more about crescent bay

– below:eric scott johnson from recode caught linden ceo ebbe altberg at oculus connect

we got proof he was there!
we got proof he was there!

oculus twitch channel

go there and marvel at the beauty: the vortex club in sl [torley was there too!]

vortex club with kriss lehmann and n00b
vortex club with kriss lehmann and n00b

care for twitch stream from vortex? here ya go!

loki is at the switch ...uhm twitch
loki is at the switch …uhm twitch

– avatars for net neutrality = share it:

making strides against breast cancer!

making strides!
making strides!

ziki questi recommends: square pegs in round holes

square pegs [pic by ziki questi]
square pegs [pic by ziki questi]
– the congress:

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. lokieliot says:

    Val Kilmer is a regular at 1920s Berlin bar

    1. draxfiles says:

      and I thought Jo meant Jeff Fahey dressed as the Lawnmower Man….

  2. lokieliot says:

    Loved the interview from Cosmo, such concerns from such a young guy. VR has the ability to experience feed back loops beyond what we get from watching TV and playing video games. experiencing killing someone in VR should be different than a video game. When you feel the presence of another person, when you feel present in that experience, when you don’t feel any disconnect with what you are doing, killing another person should feel different that a game on TV. when people don’t feel wrong about committing violence in VR, that concerns me. But then I’ve never been a fan of violent immoral video games

  3. Bri Ryan says:

    An interview to top all on this topic would be Cory Linden, now VP of Facebook .. silent overload of Oculus Rift and as history declared, The co-founder creator of Second Life.

    1. I had dinner once in January 2009 at a table with Cory at the opposite end. He is a great guy but very very tight lipped 😉 I will start working on it though….. [btw = overload = typo yes? OVERLORD you undoubtedly meant hihihi]

      1. Bri Ryan says:

        Cory Ondrejka is indeed a special person. His skills are an “overload” to my little brain, Ages ago at an open forum on SL issues, a resident blasted some trivial aspect of LSL. Cory who had the floor blasted the quality of that code with shameless abandon.. later declaring the fact he and he alone wrote LSL.. was so funny and said so much about the man.

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