show #37 virtual therapy?

show #37
show #37

is a virtual world able to provide help in the event of a crises, a psychological crises?

can psychotherapy work in second life, with all the anonymity and lack of “face-to-face” communication?

we discuss today with our guest dr. tammy fletcher the possibilities and pitfalls of virtual therapy.

she ran the “wellness island”  in-world between 2007 and 2010 and as a licensed marriage and family counselor in “real” life she has quite a broad perspective on the matter:

and now please dive into further reading on the topics:

former vp of platform at linden lab joe miller aka linden remembered [and from the official ll blog]

joe miller
joe miller

our guest jeska linden’s profile page

joe linden [pic by gianna borgnine]
joe linden [pic by gianna borgnine]
drag queen fights facebook’s real name policy

article about sister roma from the bay area reporter

sister roma [pic from cnn dot com]
sister roma [pic from cnn dot com]
story from kcrw about lgbt youth being thrown out of their home by their own parents

perception neuron!

time travel in vr??? really??????

attach an ipad to your face – why not?

more fashionable than the oculus?
more fashionable than the oculus?

– the “totem” from vrvana:

nextvr broadcast tech

nextvr for live broadcast
nextvr for live broadcast

high fidelity opens up beyond their closed alpha [a bit more]

our guest dr. tammy fletcher aka avalon birke in sl

pixels and policy blog on pro/contra vr therapy

wellness island
wellness island
the counseling center
the counseling center

fearless nation ptsd support

– adoption in second life [featuring avalon birke]:

the future of journalism

– 7 years ago = virtual gitmo in sl:

home and garden expo is open

jo recommends innsmouth in sl

– what we forgot: microsoft buys minecraft & avatars for net neutrality

– and what we further more forgot to discuss: oculus connect [which you can live stream HERE!]

oculus connect [feat. everyone except lindens!]
oculus connect [feat. everyone except lindens!]
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