show #35: jacki morie

show #35
show #35

season 2 has landed and we get an overview of 25 years of vr from none other than dr. jacki morie – she sends avatars to outer space, she is a maker of virtual humans and inventor of a scent collar to enhance your virtual life. enjoy [interview starts at around 20:30 if you want to cut to the chase!]:

and now extensive linkage to deepen the discussion:

ll ceo ebbe altberg says dk2 support is coming

loki eliot says dk2 is lacking

samsung has entered the vr game

the verge on samsung’s vr gear:

the gear you need/want
the gear you need/want

fb is deleting avatar profiles

– our guest jacki morie’s company “all these worlds”

the past of vr [unnamed friend of our guest jacki morie]
the past of vr [unnamed friend of our guest jacki morie]
the lessons “habitat” [a virtual world imagined by lucas film]

the presences questionnaire

home entertainment
jacki’s home entertainment

vpl research: jaron lanier’s company

this spider can kill you
this spider can kill you

– modeling and simulation [the book that led to the founding of ict]

conversation room - jacki's 3d vw art
conversation room – jacki’s 3d vw art

leep vr – makers of heavy duty hmds!!!

not quite an omnidirectional treadmill yet
not quite an omnidirectional treadmill yet

the fall of silicon graphics

– scents in vr important? oh yes:

scent collar
scent collar

the virtual human tool kit

sergeant star – your friendly virtual army recruiter

– virtual world entertainment from days past: the battle tech centers

virtuality - everyone will want it
virtuality – everyone will want it
cyber gal: it will be in everyone's backyard!
cyber gal: it will be in everyone’s backyard!

PlaceHolder: a fascinating early vr experience

sherry turkle on “alone together”

– dsknectd trailer:

– jacki’s work in sl:

– ict’s multisense tech:

– online traveler – creepy floating heads vw:

– lawnmower man – the best pierce brosnan movie hands down:

jo recommends mesh studio for the folks who are afraid of blender

– virtual health adventures:

ziki recommends binemist

binemist [pic by ziki questi]
binemist [pic by ziki questi]
vick forcella on sl 2.o


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13 Comments Add yours

  1. draxfiles says:

    …of course with days as hectic as they are I completely forgot to mention that my home in SL, Escapades Island, is celebrating its 4th anniversary this very weekend [check out this vid from 2010 = ] . We are welcoming guests from all over the grid for fun and games. SLUrl =

  2. Jerry says:

    Congratulations to your second season!

    1. draxfiles says:

      thx Jerry – just because the listeners are demanding it!!! Spread the word 🙂

  3. Forgot to mention that CtrlAltStudio Viewer has improved by adding UI to the DK2 version – Inara reporting

  4. Pim Peccable says:

    Possibly your best interview yet. I am left with a desire to meet with Jackie myself.

    1. draxfiles says:

      Thank you so much! The interview leaves me with the desire to watch “Virtuosity” again =

  5. Inara Pey says:

    “I can see people using this [VR] for shopping, and that means that housewives will want a very accurate avatar of themselves…”

    Possible, but actually fast becoming unnecessary thanks to Augmented Reality. There are already AR systems available which, for example, will take a real-time video of your head and then project onto that video various styles of glasses / sunglasses frames, so you can see what they look like on your face, how they look as you more your head, etc., and get a feel for them, just by logging-in to what is otherwise a conventional website.

    Other work in AR is presenting similar capabilities to “try on” clothing in much the same way, either at home or – for those who like the experience of “traditional” shopping in malls via the “augmented reality mirror”.

    Of course, there’s also the work of cosmetics companies to provide (admittedly in-store only at this time) AR technologies for trying cosmetics – although Panasonic recently inveiled the home “augmented reality mirror” concept, which does the same thing for you at home.

    Hence why VR is only one side of the coming evolution in the way we live and work with technology.

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