show #29: terms, terms, terms AGAIN [rerun]

show 29

linden lab has updated its controversial terms of service while we are on summer break and therefore we are running again an extensive interview with artist and activist richard a. goldberg. enjoy and join the discussion:

for the most current news on the tos issue [until we are back with weekly live-to-tape shows] please check ciaran, inara and mona among many other excellent bloggers [not to forget pussycat catnip]. the initial broadcast of the interview with richard sparked a great debate on our blog as well here.

and here is a the must see documentary on the matter: “terms and conditions may apply”

terms....and conditions....and
terms….and conditions….and

even german paper “sueddeutsche zeitung” in their magazine had a great editorial on the matter [for our german language savy folks!]:

deutsche gruendlichkeit nach silicon valley muster
deutsche gruendlichkeit nach silicon valley muster

jo is coming back when we resume live-to-tape shows in season 2, by then perhaps SPIEGEL TV is already running a teaser on the feature length sl documentary we are a part of together with madpea games….excitement..

spiegel tv filming drax and harter fall from madpea at work
spiegel tv filming drax and harter fall from madpea at work

meantime: next week? holger hager from cyberith:

oh and last word: check out this video about a real life holodeck = around 8 minutes a brief comment about oculus rift used in sl and dropping framerates…[i could not help commenting!]

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

the show is supported by leap motion, sl go [by onlive], stitcher, botgirl’s identity circus, kahruvel design, vika creations, humanoid animations, escapades, botanical, death row designs, nantra, angel red cotoure, fallen gods incorporated, {what’s next}, abranimations, blue moon enterprises and landscapes unlimited!

music by bd.

contact the show via skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles or email

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  1. Medhue says:

    Currently, I’m selling content across many platforms. SL still makes up over 50% of my profits, but that is not going to be the case a year from now. As more and more platforms that accept content arise, I’ll have more and more options. With LL playing games with the TOS, they are dangerously messing with their market position, which they have worked so hard to achieve. As freelancers, we have choices, and if SL, or any other LL’s property, is less attractive than others, we’ll choose those others. It’s nothing for us to all pick up and move in mass. SL was also a product of this, when many of us dropped everything to start creating for the platform. The same can be done by any other platform developer.

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