show #28: lunch with a lifer [part 1: stefan weiss]

show #28
show #28

muenchen is a popular tourist spot in real life and in second life it too has been thriving albeit only since 2007 and not 1158.

the capital of bavaria in the virtual world is a lovingly put together group of sims.

it recreates not only the landmark buildings around the historic marienplatz center but through events and community brings to life the typical bavarian “gemuetlichkeit”, which tourists from all over the world herald as THE unique quality of the munich atmosphere.

yes, of course there is beer and pork roast as well. and soccer. and oktoberfest and…..

enjoy part 1 of our summer mini series “lunch with a lifer”: stefan weiss, the REAL mayor of munich is in the house…

..and here is some more to watch and read:

teleport to marienplatz NOW

a paparazzi caught stefan while at RL meetup of SL munich fans
a paparazzi caught stefan while at RL meetup of SL munich fans [pic by xphile boucher]
… but make sure to get some linden $$$ before you go via teledollar

– i was in town way back when life 2.o premiered at the munich film fest:

sl munich on facebook

– the infamous “reportage” that defined sl in the mainstream for a while, probably one of the lowest points in german public broadcasting history [even american style “gotcha” journalists were taken aback by this one!]:

– even flufee drinks a cold one, but only if the “reinheitsgebot” is being observed…[see below!]:

a famous visitor to the stammtisch
a famous visitor to the stammtisch


munich was not built in one day
munich was not built in one day [pic by thorus adama]
frauenkirche [pic by gwyn llewellyn]
frauenkirche [pic by gwyn llewellyn]
– yes: twinity is STILL around!!!!!!! [and onverse too and vside as well and and and….]

– and another machinima with some bavarian footage [from the days of hype]:

the cornfield is back!

hairfair is happening too btw [and we are not on the job covering it coz of that summer hiatus thingie]!

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

the show is supported by leap motion, sl go [by onlive], stitcher, botgirl’s identity circus, kahruvel design, vika creations, humanoid animations, escapades, botanical, death row designs, nantra, angel red cotoure, fallen gods incorporated, {what’s next}, abranimations, blue moon enterprises and landscapes unlimited!

music by bd.

contact the show via skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles or email

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  1. A good friend says:

    incredible feature, drax! this lislo guy really rocks. i want to him to be a guest in every show now. maybe you should change the show to burgermoasta-files? and of course i want to have his baby. did you know I have .. arr. .. they have a website: (german with some parts in english).

  2. Since during summer hiatus many shows are pre-produced we could not comment or analyze the update on LL’s ToS. However great blog posts are to be found out there. A few: and and here

  3. A good friend (again) says:

    If you happen to be in town come to the Munich SL-RL meetup today ( and meet the star of this show.

    1. Oh man that would have been so much fun!! I was out of town, just came back 😦

  4. Zewe Major says:

    A smart and insightful interview, Herr Burgamoasta! It is true, despite being “old SL Tech”, virtual Munich has been truly timeless. Kudos to you and your team and the painstaking research you did to make Munich SL true to its RL counterpart. Even more so, I appreciate your determination to make SL a commercial reality for users (and not just LL) . As to SL 2.0…I think we have to remember that the technology alone is not the answer, it is merely an enabler to access content. The right question is what unique content can we create in 2.0, that improve upon the Social and Creative and Interactive aspects of SL 1.0!

    (P.S. Thanks for the props for Meisterbastler-Kreis!)

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