show #26: tony parisi on virtually anywhere

show #26
show #26

tony parisi is on the show today, father of VRML and webGL enthusiast and he says: “the web is the metaverse!”

tony parisi
tony parisi

soooo my second life friends – perhaps in the light of iOS8 supporting webGL and firefox [& chrome] being able to [soon natively] support oculus rift it is time to leave our exclusive club and learn some java script?

you be the judge!

enjoy the conversation:

be sure to delve into the linkage below:

– tony parisi’s post “virtually anywhere” [& his new company vizi]

– mark pesce’s original paper “cyberspace” [as presented at cern in 1994]

the original vrml banana!!!

webGL version of banana
webGL version of banana

goodbye vivaty


– vr &the future of the web [talk by josh & vlad]:

vr &the future of the web [talk by josh & vlad]
vr &the future of the web [talk by josh & vlad]
vr.js = firefox/chrome extension to hook up the oculus today

– webGL sculpting demo:

my new mesh project [you can do this too!]
my new mesh project [you can do this too!]
very cool webGL music video! [by “pajama club”]

– getting started with the web metaverse: three.js, webrtc & websockets

raph koster on the SCARY future

– big brother aka nivea knows where your kid is:

– mark pesce on connectedness [GET OFF THE DEVICE NOW!!!!]

– the LOST virtual world:


next week: jacki morie

jacquelyn ford-morie
jacquelyn ford-morie


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music by bd.

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  1. Quick notice: next week we will have a rerun, there is simply no time right now to edit the two hours of intriguing conversation with Jacki in coherent manner! Please forgive 🙂 The interview is on file and will run very soon!

  2. Mab says:

    great, such interesting stuff and wonderfully done as always- but really is ‘shut-in’ a pejorative? honestly? and why ‘sweaty shut-in’? oh, this makes me sad that someone who has actual expertise and insight into virtuality with its potential chooses to apply this unfortunate combination of labels not just once but twice in what is otherwise a brilliant interview


    Pejorative: a word expressing contempt or disapproval.

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