show #23: emily short [for the love of text, AI & IF]

show #23
show #23

folks, we are thrilled that emily short and her team have successfully negotiated with linden lab to keep great interactive fiction coming our way under the name versu.

just out yesterday: “blood and laurels”, written by our guest, who delves deeply into all sorts of issues in this extensive interview: i press her on promising me a holodeck within my lifetime and we speculate about npcs in sl benefitting from the prompter engine developed at ll.

listen and learn:

and some of the stuff mentioned in today’s show linked below:

– versu

emily short
emily short


blood and laurels
blood and laurels screen shot
blood and laurels achievement structure
blood and laurels achievement structure

nibelungen spielbuch [still have it at my dad’s house!!!]

nibelungen buch = a priceless classic [still in my possession]
nibelungen buch = a priceless classic [still in my possession]
the restaurant game

make it good game

“the kindly ones” [must read!!!]

read it in german - most important book ever!
read it in german – most important book ever!

– while we are gone you should read inara pey’s blog every day for metaverse news!

new media film festival [1920’s Berlin mini doc wins “Best Machinima”]


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  1. lokieliot says:

    I loved this interview, some really big ideas on gaming and storytelling that stretch across all games not just Versu. Text adventures are no less immersive than flashy XBone games, much like hearing a good yarn being told by a Bard is no less enthralling than seeing the Hobbit on an IMax screen.

    I’m surprised Zuckerburg didn’t buy little text people to incorporate into Facebook.

    I also loved the parts where you discussed big data with regards to Ai. I first heard the concept for Ai based on a users big data from the tv series Caprica. While i can’t see people coming back from the dead, i can and in someways expect that avatars could one day disconnect from their typists mimicking their users language habits or drawing from the world wide pool of mega data. Love this stuff 🙂

    Coming back to Versu. I hope little text people are given the freedom to create an awesome platform for story tellers to use and share.

    1. draxfiles says:

      I should have mentioned – in regards to AI – “Bob, the monkey”, the famous chat-bot in Second Life on Virtual Ability Island. We filmed a scene for “Login2Life” – check at approx 19:20

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