show #20: svvr [part 1: all vr’ed out!]

show #20
show #20

drax teleported into the very first silicon valley virtual reality conference and expo for a few hours while jo studied keynote speakers and panel discussions from afar:

oh yes, the vr resurgence is in full swing & linden labbers were walking amongst the crowd of young enthusiasts, gently reminding them = there is a WORLD out there which is BIG and AWESOME.

but we are getting ahead of ourselves. listen & smile:

part 2 with linden interviews coming next week.

now on to more stuff to read and watch:

– masters of the metaverse? [l to r: david from leap, ebbe, drax, philip and karl]

progress or decline? [drax inset from la naam show 2000 with dean guitar girls!]
progress or decline? [drax inset from la naam show 2000 with dean guitar girls!]
– full panels on video incl. palmer’s enthusiastic patriotic appeal [edited & clean video coming soon]:

– draxes with goggles:

drax with seebright
drax with seebright
little drax with haptics
little drax with haptics

leap motion winner = madamethespian underhill

– leap motion facilitates conversation for deaf/mute folks

second life is ready for oculus rift

oculus is being sued

the possibilities of vr are ENDLESS!!!
the possibilities of vr are ENDLESS!!!

– folks at svvr could not believe how versatile sl is so i showed them via vid below:

– beautiful oculus experience: synthesis universe:

– durovis dive is cool [long interview with stefan coming]:

little drax with dive [andrew in back]
little drax with dive [andrew in back]
– little drax’ fave = gamefacelabs!!!

– the infinadeck [in depth test and report coming]:

technolust is GREAT and why can’t we build this in sl NOW?

both draxes loved unello design


– james illiff from survios [below their project holodeck presentation at usc from 2013]

fort thüngen virtuel uses sl to educate kids about history

fort thüngen = vr with no guns!
fort thüngen = vr with no guns!

– chinese oculus competitior antvr:

drew carey is in!

the poultry matrix is coming!

– nonny dela pena makes immersive journalism [and she started in sl way back in ’06]

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

the show is supported by leap motion, sl go [by onlive], stitcher, botgirl’s identity circus, kahruvel design, vika creations, humanoid animations, escapades, botanical, death row designs, nantra, angel red cotoure, fallen gods incorporated, {what’s next} and landscapes unlimited!

music by bd.

special thanks to voidpointer linden for providing the station id this week. contact the show via skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles or email

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  1. too bad they didn’t show the full potential of the Durovis Dive and Dive like mobile VR HMD’s by letting you play SL with it. I’m currently using the Dive in SL WIRELESS using Splashtop THD , a Gyroscopic Mouse with an HTC One phone , which has an 1080p Screen so much higher resolution than the Oculus Dev Kit 1. Still some things to work out like using the Gyroscope that is build in the Phone instead of the external Gyro Mouse but well its all in the Baby shoes and im sure that the Splashtop Devs will implement the Gyro mouse in their App soon.

  2. lokieliot says:

    I tried the 2nd beta of the OculusViewer and it’s better than the first. Usability in mouse look with vehicles is a lot improved so you can experience something like EVE valkarie and the perspective has been fixed. I managed to map an Xbox controller to my mac, and also the macs built in speechtyo text so I don’t have to type. There is a major mac bug that causes controls to get confused when toggling HMD mode that greatly makes the whole experience dreadful. I think the worst thing about this OculusViewer is the wrap around UI. It’s basically the viewer UI on a prim stuck in front of your face. It looks cheap, it gets in the way I spend ages just looking for the cursor even when I map a key to my controller to centre the dam thing. I think it detracts from immersion and I think any new people who come into SL for the first time to try out oculus will throw SL in the bin. It’s possible the Stem or PrioVR could allow better UI navigation of the courser, but not leapmotion, I find that thing very hard to be accurate for navigation.

      1. lokieliot says:


  3. draxfiles says:

    They had a Leap Motion glued to the front of an Oculus and you were able to see your fingers very precisely and the movement was super accurate. Interview next week!

    1. Woohoo! …and now I can use the Leap Motion that I won this week (thank you, thank you Drax!) with my Oculus googles — now you have to have a contest where I can win Oculus googles! Ü

  4. Jerry says:

    Thank you again for this great show. I listen to it every week. Have there been other Lindens at SVVR or just Ebbe?

    1. draxfiles says:

      One great Linden I met at SVVR was Merov Linden! Interview is forthcoming – the audio was too bad when we taped. We will be talking about his VERY EARLY work on hands free 3D =

  5. I enjoyed watching the coverage and hopefully there will be more of this in the future. Great show as usual 🙂

  6. Becky says:

    Nice to see the Radio Hour sounding a bit more like what I liked about it to begin with. Welcome back. I wanted to add my two cents about some of the marketing advice you are both sharing in this show:

    The fact that “We’ve been doing this for a decade” matters little. Very few people care. They don’t live in the past and most likely are not aware of Second Life’s reputation. Why raise objections that aren’t even there? There are plenty of conditions that people already need to answer for themselves: They want to know what Second Life and/or virtual reality will do for them, now. How will it enrich their lives, now? What gaps will it fill, now? Why should should they spend their time in it, now? Why is it worth the cost of a gear, now? I’ve been in Second Life for nearly 7 years, and I am asking myself these questions still.

    Making “the creator” the front and centre model of Second Life isn’t the right idea either. It’s an option, but most people don’t want to create – it’s not a universal need and certainly not a basic need – it is a higher level need. Having the option to build something in Second Life is NOT Second Life’s strongest point. That possibility appeals to only a tiny segment of the population in SL, as it does in RL. Not everyone wants to build or create. Not everyone wants to start a business. Especially at the start. I’m a creator in Second Life, but I don’t expect everyone wants to be.

    We need to slowly introduce new opportunities to the prospective user without inundating them with limitless complexity, based on a progressive learning model that goes from the known to the unknown.

    I didn’t move to London because it’s been around for over 1000 years. I didn’t arrive thinking, how can I build a house here? How can I make my own clothes? Where can I start a business? I came for something I wasn’t getting elsewhere, something important enough to take a step out of my comfort zone. I brought what I could with me, and rented a little, convenient, furnished apartment immediately – I didn’t even decorate it properly until I felt rooted there. Basic needs preoccupied my mind – how can I survive here? How can I feel safe here?Then came social, then came learning about myself, then finally, came fulfilling my potential.

    Last point: Little Drax should be a regular. I’m not joking. If you really want an honest appraisal of your product – ask a kid. They’re not going to kiss anyone’s ass or mince any words – I love it.

    1. How do you mean “Welcome Back”? We been here all along with – as we like to believe – interesting guests and topics every week 🙂 Have we changed much from the beginning? I do hope we have: gotten a lot better!

    2. lokieliot says:

      I totally agree with this thing about creativity. For me SL is all about letting me do what i want to do, it just so happens that what i wonna do is create and build, and explore. But when i think about it, many of my friends don’t build at all, they just collect stuff, rez stuff and hangout at places. Now i guess you could consider ‘content curation’ a kind of creativity.

    3. Jo Yardley says:

      I’d move to London because its a 1000 years old 🙂
      I agree that we don’t have to bring up the bad reputation unless others bring it up.
      But I do think that it is a big deal that we’ve been doing things for years that are now being revealed as something new and flashy.
      And yes, creativity and absolute freedom (and size) are SL’s greatest assets and till now nobody else is offering.
      And yes, Drax Jr. is great!

    4. Hitomi Tip says:

      Not only has SL been doing them. Every time I see a High Fidelity demo I think I have seen that from a UK/Japanese/Australian university a few years back. I am still to see anything that makes me go ‘wow’.

      1. Hitomi Tip says:

        That was supposed to be Hitomi Tiponi but it posted early!

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