show #8: the BIG picture

show #8
show #8

what a show: oculus components are running out, new linden lab ceo ebbe altberg loves his job [so far], researcher nick yee says the virtual is real and the local sheet music store owner pamela says the virtual is make-believe and totally NOT real!

shall i dare to go in and ask what they think of SL?
shall i dare to go in and ask what they think of SL?

oh and yes: second life is growing again! listen [on stitcher it is better] & enjoy the linkage thereafter:

uccello poultry wins our give-away from humanoid animations: congratz!

jo is blogging like mad [and it is fab!]

– marianne mccann says: “dear ebbe…”

the iron giant ceo [pic by marianne mccann]
the iron giant ceo [pic by marianne mccann]

new zipper viewer!

bitcoin falling apart & qarl gives us context [and drax reportage from ’07 “investing in a game?”]

– news from the hardware and the mobile front

– all you need to know about our guest nick yee!

imvu is real? seriously? [pic from, ad by google..probably]
imvu is real? seriously? [pic from, ad by google..probably]

– reporter momi despres [full disclosure: married to drax] on identity in sl ca 2007

– victoria groom on “the influence of racial embodiment on racial bias in immersive virtual environments”

jaron lanier on avatars

– new TDF video = zachh barkley!

– speak up americans: comcast time-warner merger is BAD!!! [= great discussion on KALW]

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special thanks to pamela from ben lomond for providing the station ID this week.

music by bd

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30 Comments Add yours

  1. Inara Pey says:

    Excellent! Nick Yee. Well done!

  2. Jerry says:

    Another great show. Love it! So, regarding the new user experience. I remember a couple of years ago, there has been an experimental HTML5 version of SL (Project Skylight?). Does anyone else remember that? Now wouldn’t that be great for the new user to not have to download a viewer software and to not be overwhelmed with thousants of buttons and options? Just a simple browser-version of SL that is just powerful enough for basic exploring of the world. So once the newbie likes it, they can download the full version and get the full Second Life experience. There could even be a guest mode which would require a google or facebook login. That way anybody could be in Second Life in less than a minute.

  3. lokieliot says:

    This week i was stood with two of my friends watching the replica Spinning Mules move back and forth. I was discussing the history that i had learnt while making them, that often kids would get crushed by the machines if they were not careful. At the moment three must have been a lag glitch because the Mules came off the rails and looked like they would squish us. And we all thought it, at the same time, we all shared slight anxiety from seeing our avatars about to be crushed. Its right that virtual reality does not give the same interactions as reality, but its wrong to ignore the very real interactions that you can get from VR. Wether what we see is real or not, how they can sometimes trigger and effect our psychological state is very real. I built a Steam Engine with a friend this week, i can’t do that in real life it would damage the environment and cost to much.

    1. Oh man I COULD NOT agree with you more! This is exactly what Nick has researched as well! The playful immersion into SL can offer incredible insight not only into complex outside issues but even more powerful: about our own human condition and we can learn about ourselves in ways that is resonating powerfully!!!

      1. Jo Yardley says:

        Hear hear, imagine what these experiences are going to be like once we get our VR sets working.

      2. lokieliot says:

        Another thing that concerns me about this ‘real’ and ‘not real’ is the statement that an elderly person’s self perception is not real, that its a fantasy and thats not real. But if you move the discussion into the realms of transgender discussion things become a lot less black and white. Would she agree that people who were born women who later took on a male gender identity are living a fantasy? This just makes me think that perhaps when people see virtual worlds they just see the pixels, because the mass public are not educated or experienced enough to see the people who inhabit these spaces.

    2. draxfiles says:

      Replying to your second point Loki and again you are speaking my mind: it does seem as if society has resorted itself to accepting that once we hit a certain age we better behave like a little old lady and imagining us differently is somehow not acceptable. The implications when moved into the transgender discussion are obviously more terrifying. I do hope that we can grow beyond as a global community and I am convinced that VW’s can help us overcome preconceived notions and deeply held [albeit VERY VERY WRONG] beliefs….

  4. Kris Spade says:

    I very much enjoyed your interview with Pamela; that stood out the most for me. I wish/hope you would do more of this, getting outsider perspectives on virtual worlds, and their tangibility. Great show! This was one of my favourites.

    1. draxfiles says:

      Kris be assured that we will totally do these man/woman from the street/store segments more and more and more often! We all live in a bubble at times [especially the techies in the Valley are an endangered species but also us enthusiasts!] – in order to understand opposition to VW’s we need to listen to these voices!

  5. Ciaran Laval says:

    Oh Pamela is a legend, she’s talking about richness, virtual worlds offer great reach but they don’t offer great richness.

    1. draxfiles says:

      Just because you and I are not RICH Ciaran does not mean SL cannot give us spiritual richness 🙂

  6. Cayenne says:

    Excellent! The growth isn’t referencing my inventory. 😛

  7. Harvey says:

    Great show Drax, Jo, et al… I’m definitely going to be going out and about to record some SL opinions.

  8. Great show, Drax. 🙂

  9. Jerry says:

    Some people are just not aware how “reality” actually works. So what is real? Reality is basically a product of our brain, which interpretes electrical signals that are generated in our eyes, ears etc. Those are always processed, filtered and altered by the brain. Everybodys brain generates an individual version of reality. So everybodys reality is different. Imagine being at a party. You talk to the person next to you but at the same time there are many other people talking around you and music is playing. Just somehow your brain is filtering all those stuff around you and you are able to just hear the person that you are actually talking to. Same is true for the eyes and the other senses. Look at that text: Eventhough the letters are in a random order, we are able to read it. Our eyes can only see a small fraction of the electromagnetical spectrum and we can only hear sound within a small band. Some animals are able to hear and see a lot more than we do. What does their reality look like? So bottom line is, our brain actually creates a reality from a lot of electrical signals. But lets imagine we would artificially generate all those electrical signals that the brain receives by a very powerful computer. We put the brain in a jar and wire it up with that computer. Turns out that there is no difference at all, we would be able to generate a complete reality and the brain would not see any difference to our so called reality. I would argue that our virtual worlds today are a very early version of exactly that. Just look at the advancements that virtual reality made in just the last 10 years. Considering exponential advancements, go ahead 10, 100 or even 1000 years into the future. No doubt at all that we will be able to generate a virtual reality that is indistinguishable from the real reality. But if that is the case, who can be sure that we are not already living in a simulated universe?

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