busy editing/happy holidays

who is that?
who is that?

i find myself humming “i be home for christmas….” while storyboarding episode 15 of the video series [out 12/27] and the cool thing is: since home is where the wifi is i am almost always home! [btw: the dude being profiled in e #15 ain’t snoopy! my pencil is obviously just messing with ya…]

in the meantime jo is glued to her new alienware laptop that apparently runs sl as smooth as it should at that price point. sigh…those dutch folk & their discretionary euros…

but seriously: happy holidays and thanks to everyone who sent in their audio thoughts/non-audio notecards on such topics as fun sl dismissal,explanations of fitted mesh, suggestions on guests and of course the sad passing of osprey and what she and her extraordinary art meant to you.

please keep them coming!

this week: would you care to share your thoughts on the nsa spying in games? stephen colbert dusted off the good ol’ first life/second life joke and we shall forgive him for that: the segment was indeed pretty funny. but how do you feel about all this? no big deal or BIG DEAL? call us on skype “draxfiles”, email audio or send notecards to avatar draxfiles.

also: today’s audio clip contains a little soundbite teasing episode #15 of the video series which is due out next friday.excitement!

i shall leave you now  with a familiar seasonal tune, reimagined by a crazy friend of mine from the fatherland [he usually plays with the jazz/metal outfit “panzerballet”]- enjoy and have fun meshing…uhm i meant: moshing around the xmas tree!

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  1. Joey1058 says:

    I believe the NSA is unfortunately riding on the coattails of the Patriot Act. If we could just repeal the Patriot Act, it would effectively yank all the teeth out of many activities on the federal level, and actually force “law enforcement” agencies to start asking for subpoenas again. Until that happens, the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, and any other acronym agency has carte blanche in VR.

  2. ntdc says:

    ‘home is where the wifi is’. made me crack a smile. not untrue.

    my thoughts on NSA spying in games:
    maybe someone forgot that everyone has to play sometimes, and maybe it would be wiser to let the grown-up children play someplace without taking their illusion of being supervised by big brother. and games seem to be a good place for letting them play. and, hell, anyone remember wanting to be grown up as a child, cause the adults were free to do whatever they wanted, unlike oneself? right now it feels as if the only time of really having been free was as a child, having run out of the parentally prescribed radius to play without having told them to where, with whom and what one went to play and when one would be back.

    1. draxfiles says:

      thx so much for your comment. As a parent I see even that little window of freedom disappear because many [especially middle class] parents opt to totally over-schedule their kids with primarily sports to “keep them out of trouble”! IMHO this fosters not only stress and anxiety but really does not let kids explore the world and their thoughts at their own pace – the long-term effect? Killing out-of-the-box thinking because contemplation and “day-dreaming” are now DIRTY DIRTY words…..

  3. Don’t kid yourself in to thinking that the government monitoring people and their activities is a new thing just because there are now laws in place that justify it,”Big Brother” has always been watching, its just now they have various laws they can point to to justify their actions under the guise of national security..

    Not paranoid , just being realistic.

    1. draxfiles says:

      How should informed citizens respond? Change communication patterns, accept status quo, start a revolution? Call us on Skype and leave a voicemail – we put it together as an audio collage for the show!

  4. Harter Fall says:

    Sounds like a little otter! Scott!

    1. draxfiles says:

      An otter knows an otter I suppose although I think they are extinct west of Stuttgart hihihi 🙂

  5. Pixel Ghost says:

    Scottius Polke is the person in the soundbyte.

    1. draxfiles says:

      We have a WINNER! Thx Pixel & I hope you like the upcoming episode: Scott is amazingly eloquent about many important points!

  6. Not only the NSA, mucho of the other three-letters-services/agencies are snoop around. Thats not the problem, thats their job. But, the point is, monitoring everyone at any time is a no go! Spying in games like Second Life is Kafkaesque.
    Sounds a bit like Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.

    Oh and I definitely know that it is Scottius Polke and you know why I know it :))

    1. draxfiles says:

      Natascha you are cheating and that is why I have alerted the BND in Pullach!!!!

      1. o.O…. but well, thats not a problem, because BND is playing WoW!

    2. draxfiles says:

      btw – rewatched Brazil after many years [it is among my Top 10!!]: it is soooo spot on how Gilliam depicts the future. And I think he shows perfectly [like Kafka wrote about] that this is not a matter of “I did not do anything so me no worry” because big bureaucracies tend to make mistakes….[you know the case of El Masri or Kurnaz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khalid_El-Masri ]

  7. my comment is in song form…who knew the band was so ahead of their time? LOL

    1. draxfiles says:

      They came back from the future and added cheesy 80ties sound to disguise themselves…..

  8. sulnmahogany says:

    Seems that people are just not discovering that the spying on us thing has been around for more years than we know. The cheesy comment that SLer’s have no real life, typical from someone who have more than likely never even tried it out.

    1. draxfiles says:

      The irony: apparently SLer’s had enough of a life for three-letter agencies to flood the dance-floor and try to get intel hihihi 🙂

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